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Title: Messaging from skills & spells
Post by: Thalia on 04/25/10, 10:26
Should all (or most) skills & spells have messaging that's visible to the room when used/cast and when it wears off?

Getting quite a few "bugs" for things that only message to the person using the command or casting the spell.  Curious about what people would rather see or not see.   Would it be too spammy?  Do you like people not knowing every little spell/skill that you are using?

Spells/skills that people have brought up include:
- Wind disc
- Stalagmite
- Stone rain
- Psi blast
- attentiveness
- alertness
- awareness
- demonstration
- aggression
Title: Re: Messaging from skills & spells
Post by: Lex on 04/28/10, 23:38
I think it's not a bad idea to have the room see what spell/skill(s) you are using atleast for rp reasons that is. I don't know how I would work on skills, But on spells you could atleast have the same affect that you see at healers. Where it just shows them muttering the spell. I don't know just my 2 cents.
Title: Re: Messaging from skills & spells
Post by: Chalgyr on 04/29/10, 15:24
I've never worried much about what a person might see when a spell wears off, but I do tend to think that the casting process should generate something that should be seen (unless it was something meant to be 'sneaky' like gossip or soulspeak)