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Release Notes for Aug 10, 2007
« on: 08/10/07, 16:27 »

+ MOON runestone:  Changed to give immunity to changing for a minimum number of
  ticks.  (No more switching back and forth every tick)

+ Runestones

  Added new runestones as follows:
  - <Alignment/Order/Undead/Living> Wards:  Increases To Hit against opponents
    of matching alignment, order and/or living/undead status.  Note: Neutrality
    Ward counts as both Neutral Alignment and Neutral Order.

  - <race> Bane:  Increases To Hit against opponents of that race

  - <Tier 1 class> Attacker:  Increases To Hit against opponents in any tier of
     that class.

  - <Tier 3 class> Killer: Increases To Hit against opponents in Tier 3 or it's
     related Tier 4s.  Higher chance to hit than the Attacker runestones

  - <Scout Mana> Resonators:  Scout only runestones.  Increase damage on spells
    that use that type of mana.  Damage bonuses isn't as much as the bonus that
    mages get using the Arcaninas.

  - <Weapon> Mastery:  Increases damage if you are using a weapon with the
    matching damage type.
  - <Kingdom> Scion: Marks the wearer as a descendent of a noble house of that
    kingdom.  Impact includes:
    + Has a chance to decrease faction losses for that kingdom and increase
      faction gains.   
    + Allows the wearer to switch to that kingdom from their current kingdom
      without loss of rank (unless the bearer is a kingdom leader, in which
      case they'll be one rank less than the leader in the new kingdom).
    + Decreases rank requirements by 10% (so NPC promotions will be 90% of
      base requirements and PC promotions will be 40% of base requirements.

  - Rapid Rogue and Fast Fighter:  Combat round occurs at 80% of normal rate
    (so 5 attacks for every 4)

  - Haggling:  Increase selling prices, decrease costs; stacks with Haggling skill

  - Phoenix:  If you die, you come back to life fully restored but the rune is erased
    from your body

  - Smooth Skin:  Decrease chance of scars

  - Religion / Kingdom / Acting Lessons:  Increases religion / kingdom/ RP
    experience gains.

  - Good Fortune:  Increases the odds of a runestone or gem drop.

  - Legendary Good Fortune: Increases the odds of runestone, gemstone AND
    legendary stone drops

  - Immortal Good Fortune:  Adds 10% onto any IMM bonus command.

+ Spells
  - YOUTHFULNESS: added message to caster when target already has youthfulness

  - FAIRNESS:  Wasn't taking GMing into account, plus added some variability to
    the max damage amount (which should now be higher).

  - TRUTH HURTs: Damage upped (max at level 200 was 160, now does 1200)

  - WINDBLADE: Damage upped (max at level 200 was 200, now 1200 split between the
    two attacks)

  - DISABLE -- multiple disables should add into the existing disable affect
    instead of creating additional affects
  - Agony/eye/link -- damage upped to match help files more closely PLUS damage has
    been switched to DAM_OTHER

  - Ray of Truth -- Evil Mobs should no longer cast it on themselves.

  - Stone Rain: was switched to do Water and Earth instead of Fire and Earth

  - Scout spells:
    + All Scout spells were touched to add in the Resonator Runestones. 
    + GM logic was checked (It was missing in a couple of instances)
    + Saves logic was corrected (In a couple of instances, the victim's
      saving throw was being checked but the damage wasn't being decreased)

    + Net result is that some things may seem stronger or weaker, but there
      was no overall intent to "rebalance" (or n***) spells.  Just trying to
      correct some bad logic.

+ Mob Spell Casting:  With the exception of Breath spells, all mob spell
  casting is now going through standard casting logic.  Like players, they
  will now have a chance of miscasting.
+ Mob Brands:  Mob Brands should no longer hit people in changeform.

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Re: Release Notes for Aug 10, 2007 (part 2)
« Reply #1 on: 08/10/07, 16:28 »

Combat/damage/death related
+ Mob Spell Cast logic was updated to have them automatically target whoever
  they are fighting.  Old logic only allowed the mob to target someone who
  was directly fighting them.  Result is (1) pets will now be able to cast spells
  at mobs that are targeting you and (2) more mobs will be able to cast spells
  at you during combat.

+ Racial affects for Ghosts and Skeletons should be correctly reset when they
  are killed
+ Vamp Blood Loss Calc -- Changed to be a bell curve from 0 to A instead of
  randomly doing 0, A/2 or A.   
+ Damage over Time (DoT) affects:  Although their duration won't change, the
  damage they do will now be triggered more frequently.  This includes:
  Plague (disease), Poison, Flesh Peel, Dark Bomb, Toxicate, Rip, Bleeder
  and Torment
+ Shieldflags -- Damage done now increments for level of shield user plus
  Runemaster/invoicer get +25% and ... tinker get +15%

+ If pets/charmies/familiars get the kill, their will let thier masters do
  the loot commands.

+ WHISPER changed to only message people who are awake

+ Kingdom Commands
   - APPRAISAL Updated to allow Scions to rank with 90% requirements
   - PROMOTE updated to promote Scions at 40% requirements
   - CITIZEN updated to indicate when someone is a scion in your kingdom

+ AFFECTs now has some command options.  "Player" will show you runestone and
  spell affects.  "Equipment" will show you affects from equipment.  "Racial"
  will show your racial affects.

+ SACRIFICE has been updated to put money into your religion's coffers under
  certain circumstances.
  SACRIFICE ALL or SACRIFACE ALL.* puts always puts money into your religion's

  SACRIFICE <item>: If AUTOSPLIT is on, it splits the money among your group (or
  just gives it to you if you aren't grouped).  If AUTOSPLIT is off, the money
  goes into your religion's coffers.

+ GEMOTE should work for wizi or incog imms.

+ OSAY/OSAYTO/OWHISPER without any argument will toggle off and on a flag that
  indicates whether you want to see OSAY/OSAYTO/OWHISPER.  There's just one
  flag that covers all 3 commands.  You can't use or be the target of the command
  if you have the flag on.  CHANNEL will show your current OSAY setting.
+ DONATE/KDONATE:  You can now donate in silver or gold to your kingdom.  If
  you don't indicate a money type, it will default to silver.
+ DISMISS command:  used to dismiss a pet/charmies/familiar or floating disc.

+ POSE: now allows 45 characters in your pose


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Re: Release Notes for Aug 10, 2007 (part 1)
« Reply #2 on: 08/10/07, 16:29 »

+ The Custom Stiletto had defaulted back to daggerslash (instead of daggerpierce).
  Fixed ... hopefully.  If you have a custom Stiletto that is doing daggerslash
  and you would like it switched to daggerpierce, drop me a note.

+ EXCLUCDING CUSTOMS and QUEST WEAPONS, the Weapon on ALL weapons were checked
  and many.  Most weapons that were flagged as Exotic should now have a standard
  weapon type.

+ Hum flag on Items:  Blind people can now "see" & use Humming items in their
+ HELP CUSTOM updated to reference "redeem" instead of "refund"

+ Changed the default pose to is [a/an] [charisma-modifier] [gender] [apparent race]

+ Master Skills:  SAVE now drops any skill you still have in master skills.  This
  should keep Jaxom mods from giving you training in them.

+ Familiars (religion & spell creates) AND golems now get a random profession
  based on their level.  They were all fighters so only had fighter (tier 1) skills.   
  They also get mana based on the profession (e.g., mages get more than
+ New Exit/Door flag: KEYWORDONLY
  When this is set on a exit with a keyword, you will only be able to interact
  with that exit by using the keyword.  The Keyword will display in the [EXITS]
  information you see when you LOOK at a room.  You'll need to interact with
  the exit as if it were a portal, for example, if the exit is a "gate", you'll need
  to "enter gate", "go gate", "close gate", or "open gate"
+ For Builders: OLIST WEAPON will list all weapons in the area and show the
  weapon type.
+ Vampires can no longer feed from Undead (including but not limited to skeletons)

+ Vampire AutoSneak -- fixed.

+ New Mob Abilities
  - Shopkeeppers can now buy runestones, spell components and alchemical materials
    (if set-up to do so)
  - Mobs can now be set to cast the buff spells.  command is BUFF (works pretty
     much like HEAL with healers.


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Re: Release Notes for Aug 10, 2007 - Weapons Updated
« Reply #3 on: 08/10/07, 17:02 »
The category header is the weapon's new weapon type.  The type listed on the line with the weapon's name is what it was coded as:

  a Stiletto                              daggerslash
  a Stiletto of Vanquishing               daggerslash
  a Jagged edged Stiletto                 daggerslash
  a sharp stick                           exotic

  Cat's Claw                              exotic
  wolf's claw                             exotic
  talon                                   exotic
  McAllister's claw                       exotic
  a Small Pocket Knife                    exotic
  A silver dirk                           swordslash
  a griffon claw                          swordslash

  Dwarven flail                           whip

  a hunter's bow                          spearbash
  knuckles of Stone                       flail

  Dagroky's Mud Mace                      exotic
  a Smiths Hammer                         flail
  A Club of Magma                         flail

  a dragon lance                          polearmslash
  a blood pike                            exotic
  a Mesilena pike                         exotic
  a wooden pike                           polearmslash
  a Murkwood pike                         polearmslash
  a pike of the clouds                    polearmslash
  a rake                                  exotic
  a barbed pike                           polearmslash
  a Sturdy Pike                           spearbash
  a flag pole                             exotic
  a Golden Pike                           spearbash
  A Pike of Rocks                         spearbash
  a Death Lance                           polearmslash
  a Pike                                  spearbash
  a Rune pike                             spearbash
  Demon Lance                             polearmslash
  a Tozain pike                           polearmslash
  a Lapis pike                            polearmslash
  a rough pike                            polearmslash
  a Lapis pike                            spearpierce

  Klevnone halberd                        exotic
  Warrior halberd                         exotic
  Celtic Polearm                          exotic
  a scythe                                swordslash
  dark steel halberd                      exotic
  a scythe                                exotic
  a Shadow Scythe                         swordslash

  a wooden staff                          exotic
  the staff of Bzaal                      exotic
  a Mesilena staff                        exotic
  a wooden staff                          exotic
  a Murkwood staff                        exotic
  Bear Head Staff                         polearmslash
  a staff of bone                         exotic
  gnarled staff                           exotic
  a quarterstaff                          polearmslash
  the Black Wizard's staff                exotic
  Priest's Staff                          flail

  Dwarven spear                           polearmslash
  crystal spear                           spearbash
  Klevnone spear                          spearbash
  Warrior spear                           spearbash
  rusty spear                             spearbash
  Celtic Spear                            spearbash
  a wooden spear                          spearbash
  a thunder spear                         spearbash
  Bronze Spear                            spearbash
  dark steel spear                        spearbash
  Demon Fire Spear                        spearbash
  a hunting spear                         spearbash
  Water Trident                           spearbash
  a keeper's spear                        spearbash

  a bone sword                            exotic
  a Daemon Blade                          polearmslash

  Whip of the Ringmaster                  exotic

  Trail of Ribbons                        whip
  a Blue Drake's Tail                     flail
  a cat o' nine tails                     flail
  a Tozain lash                           whip
  a Tozain flogger                        flail
  a Lapis lash                            whip
  a Lapis flogger                         flail
  A Lapis Knout                           flail
  A Lapis Scourge                         whip