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KotL website updated
« on: 10/17/07, 08:47 »
Gilly did a very cool update on the KotL website, so if you have some time to kill, take a look around it here:

Also, for those interested in ic or ooc pages, she posted this news article yesterday:

[ 79] Gillian: Website Update- yeah, yeah, it's been a year, I know.
Tue Oct 16 11:08:35 2007  Status: Normal
To: all
I'm in the process of overhauling the website.  If you want an IC or OOC
profile page, let me know.  There will be 1 notable change, though. 
An IC profile will cost 1 crystalline token OR 750 random quest tokens.
An OOC profile will cost 2 Crystalline Tokens or 1250 Random Quest Tokens.
Email me at if you want either.
An IC post can include a story LINK to the story forum, an IC picture, and a small
blurb about the character, such as rank, kingdom, & religion.
An OOC post can include a small blurb about yourself, your characters (if you want to
share the names), contact info,and where you live (state/country wise).
You don't have to share anything you don't want in the OOC pages. Pictures are welcome
if they are actually you. ;)
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