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State of the MUD - October
« on: 10/17/07, 14:28 »
Yeah, I missed September.  That was a fairly busy month, but mostly I just forgot to post it.  Unfortunately post activity has slowed down on the boards, so I only check them about once a day and it becomes a bit easier to forget about them.  Hand-in-hand with that, I see the MUD slowing down a bit most evenings as well.  I think it's just the time of the year, but usually as early winter rolls in, it seems like people spend more time huddled up at home willing to type on their computers than go out and about into the all-to-cold weather.

So, what has been going on of late?  Well, football season for one.  Oh... you mean with the MUD?

Well, we have some fantasy leagues going, and we are drafting for the basketball one this Saturday.  We have 1 spot open at the time of writing this, so hop in so we can have 20 teams. :)

Beyond that, there has been a lot of bug track chasing (thank you Thalia), some new code, some updated helpfiles - and I even started a couple of zones.  1 is meant to be a high-level zone for adventuring and the other is for a role-play environment.  Speaking of a role-play environment, there is a festvial coming in the first weekend of Novement, for Mesilena's Merriment of Masks.  It should prove a great opportunity to get some goodies, hopefully add some variety to your weekend, and there may even be some storyline implications for the MUD as well right around then.

I'd like to toss out a "welcome back" to Farnite as well - it's really good to see him around again, lending a hand and certainly some very good ideas to things, but beyond that he's just a plain good guy, and it always benefits a community like ours when someone like him is around and participating in it.  If you have any friends or family you'd like to have come play with us, bring them in and show them around.  We'd love to have more friendly faces and I'm sure you would as well.  In the long run that only benefits all of us.

Take care, I hope you're having a very good fall, and I'm sure I'll see you all around.

- Chal
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