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Release Notes for November 02, 2007
« on: 11/02/07, 13:03 »

- New Festival Grounds
- Tourney Board Rooms

Major updates
- New Features
  + Tourney Boards:  Can be used to track top players
  + Wildmods:  Special mods set-up for special events
- Overall code updates
  + Code-wide updates to allow us to compile under g++ instead of gcc96
  + Review/update of data structures to minimize memory usage (we're now running
    at about 60% of what we were 6 months ago)
  + All secondary effects from dragonbreaths switch to hit the player being
    damaged and not just hitting the primary target over and over.
  + Firebreath:   Removed thirst loss from fire effect
- BACKSTAB:  Modified logic to prevent people without from trying to use it
- AUCTION:  you need to have the auction channel on to auction an item
- RELFOLLOWER:  Religion specific now
- PROMOTE: You should be able to use your kingdom specific titles to promote
  someone; For example, Frowe Isabella can use THANE instead of CHAMPION
- IGNORE:  Updated logic so it better handles clearing one person from a list
- POSE:  No longer allows "is a" or "is an" at the start of a pose;  Removed
 [fake] from the end pose displays (was there when a post started with "is a"
  or "is an")
- CONVERT: New options added
  + Convert 6,000 rpexp to a wooden token
  + Convert 100 faithpray to a silver token
  + Convert 100,000 gold to a gold token

Flagged Races
- Skeletons & Ghosts get slightly different messaging on scars
- Equipment will no longer show up in LOOKS for Vampires in Changeform
- Skeleton & Ghost special effects will now show up in AFFECT
- Undead are now partially vulnerable to the plague spell, which is consistent
  with the fact that plague could be spread to them with a reduced risk
- Deception can no longer be used with Changeform
- FEED: Rearranged some of the checks and added better messaging to communicate
  more accurately who's trying to do what to whom and why it's failing

- Fourth Effect:  Fouth Effects on pills, potions, and scrolls will now work
  (code wasn't even checking for fourth effects previously)
- Updated Custom Polearm (weapontype: polearmslash) to have default damtype SLASH.
- Change player inventory evaluation.  When trying to find an object on a player,
  it was always checking carried inventory first then worn, but wasn't handling
  the evaluation properly when the same item was both carried and worn (e.g.,
  OPEN 2.BAG when you were wearing a bag and carrying a bag); Now just runs
  through inventory without regard to whether it's carried or worn.

OLC Related
- MPROG spell casting:  Modified logic for displaying the verbal portion of
  spell casting so you shouldn't see messaging without a caster's name.

- Builders
  + KEY keyword changed to KEYVNUM (so it doesn't overlap with KEYWORDONLY)
  + New Material ID field with list of values (e.g., metal, stone, leather)
- Miscellaneous corrections
  + Set all petshop backrooms to no_recall, no_teleport, no_gate, et al.

- Kingdom Ranks:  Calararian ranks updated to be kingdom specific
- Kingdom Rosters: Now list only the normal ranks for that kingdom
- Creation:  Stats will be capped at racial maxes
- Mana updates:  All mana updates modified to use standard logic to keep mana
  from going negative
- Message fixes
  + Added color stop to "You aren't currently on a quest."
  + Monsterbane description correction
  + Galr spell message:  Corrected to send appropriate messaging to caster,
    victim, and room.
  + Corrected CONSIDER messaging so it actually has the player name.
  + Disbeliver spell: Added cast messaging
  + Smoking affect:   Corrected messaging when it wears off
  + Warcry:  Corrected messaging so it doesn't look like the player doing
    warcry is trying to flee
  + Alms spell: corrected syntax
  + Animal Cry: message fix
- Skillblocks: slightly modified duration, but expect skills to be rewritten in
  the near future.

- GATE, TELEPORT and similar spells updated to stop combat if the player
  actually moves to a new room
- CAST: Updated spell look-up logic to skills (should allow "cast second" to be
  decoded as "cast 'second wind'" instead of "cast 'second attack'"
- LEGENDARCHMAGI: Message when it activates and casts/attempts to cast a spell

- PINCH: Was checking for colorless mana but reducing moves; now reduces
  colorless mana.
- PAINSHIELD damage:  Corrected typo in damage that caused damage to be too low
- RALLY (warlord skill): Corrected skill check and moved damage into a reasonable
  range; (no players were n***ed with this change 'cause we have no warlords)
- Legendary Ability 'DEAD MAN'S TAUNT': changed to use standard logic for
  determining targets (should no longer attack serenes, et al)
- ENGAGE: Fixed so you can change targets during combat
- KI-STRIKE:  Fixed so it actually damages your opponent
- FLEE:  Modified handling of movement RPROGs (e.g., so when you flee up the
  mast on Iron Barge2, you go to sleep as normal)
- Added feedback messages for STRIKE BACK, BROADSWING, and FINISHING BLOW
- When a hidden mob starts fighting, now removing hidden flag  (should allow 
  pets and charmies to fight the mob with you)
- Dirty Kobold in newbie area no longer fights back (and shouldn't kill newbies 

Combat Mods 
- Wildmod for the Merriment of Masks added
- Organization of mods altered to give each IMM equal chance of being selected;
- Made sure each IMM had at least one good and one bad mod
- Mods for Miraelle added
- Mods for Jaxom removed

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