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Mylabdos' Hello
« on: 01/26/08, 02:42 »

My name is Travis, and I play the character Mylabdos.

So far, my experience is positive on this mud, I just have a quick question that is the more frustrating aspect for me...

...are there any somewhat detailed maps that outline where to go for certain areas?

In my wanderings, I've found myself, especially at my level, finding things that are way more powerful than I am, or too easy, and I do not know my way around well enough yet to really get myself far enough away to do much more exploration.


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Re: Mylabdos' Hello
« Reply #1 on: 01/27/08, 21:07 » is Daklore's web page, it contains detailed maps, including area levels of all three continents

it also contains alot of other useful information so have fun, glad to see you around!
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