Author Topic: Pre-release note for March 2008: Mob Resistance Levels  (Read 1535 times)


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Subject:  Change to how Mob Resistances are handled
Currently, mob resistances are handled completely differently than players. 
We are switching mobs to work the same way that players do.
Old way mobs were handled:
+ For each resist, Mobs had one of 4 immunity levels -- Vulnerable, Neutral,
  Resistant, Immune;
+ Brands & Opens would reduce mobs to Vulnerable regardless of what their
  starting immunity was;
+ Most, if not all, other spells/skills that affected resistances (like the
  Legendary ArchMagi) did nothing to mobs.
New way mobs will be handled:
+ Builders will still set mob resists to one of four resistance levels;
+ When a mob generates in the game, their actual resist level will be set
  based on the build setting plus a die role based their level;
+ All spells and skills that affect resists will affect mobs & players the
  same way -- this includes Brands & Opens. 
+ Each instance of a mob will have somewhat different resist levels; the
  higher the mob's level, the higher the variability will be;
+ Low-level mobs marked with an Immunity will no longer be completely immune;
+ Brands & Opens will not be as effective on mobs as they were since the spells
  no longer be able to reduce an Immunity to a Vulnerability.
Although testing of the changes went well, we have some concerns, particularly
at the higher levels of game play.  Based on real game play and well-reasoned
player feedback, we are likely to make some adjustments.
The goal is not to make combat impossible, but to make combat and spell/skill
effectiveness against mobs and against players match more closely.
The changes will likely go in this weekend or next.  We will alert you when
they do.