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Custom Armor
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Custom armors are a huge part of questing, and frequently you will find at least three or more of these armours on higher leveled players. Custom armors grant huge bonuses to their wearers, and are runic, allowing them to level and improve in base armor class and some other affects as you level. Customs are huge investments, and are technically considered optional. Below you will find step by step instructions on making these customs, as though the custom helpfiles have gotten better, they are still somewhat confusing to new players unused to customs and the process behind making them.

For the initial cost, a custom armor will cost 10000 quest tokens, the type of token is based on your hometown.

    Klevnone - Ruby
    Murkwood - Emerald
    Armengar - Sapphire
    Mesilena - Onyx
    Calararian - Crystal
    Tolin - Topaz
    Lapis - Turquoise
    Tozain - Amethyst

I'm hopeing by this time, you've already chosen what you want your armor to be.
- Shield is the most popular first choice, because you can heal yourself and cause additional damage via damage flags.

Syntax to create a new custom armor syntax: custom new <armor type> (ring, necklace, breastplate, helm, leggings, boots, gloves, sleeves, shield, cloak, belt, bracer, trinket, floater, wingring, shinguard, faceplate, anklet and earring)

This will now set you back 10K tokens. Restrings on customs are now free of charge. You must restring your customs!

Now, we get to start modifying the armor! The basic syntax is: custom modify <item> <field> <choice>

The fields will be: hp, ac, move, manatype, restype, hitroll, damroll, affects, shieldflags, stat, saves

Shieldflags can only be added to shields, and do a small amount of damage to the target. Shieldflags will cost 200 onyx per flag, and you can only have one added by custom. HOWEVER as a tip, you can have a total of four, if you have a permanent shieldflag added by yourself (fourth tier is permanent skill) before you modify it, then add your custom flags, then add four moxes, half one type, half being another type. Remember this. It is also recommended, that your custom added shieldflag be healshield.

Syntax: custom modify <item> shieldflags <shieldflag>

Shieldflags available:

    Iceshield - Attacks with the element of ice, does cold damage
    Forceshield - Attacks with physical force, does bash damage
    Spikeshield - Attacks with a piercing spike, does pierce damage
    Bladeshield - Slices opponent with a mystical blade, does slash damage
    Flameshield - Strikes with magical flames, does fire damage
    Shockshield - Shocks with the power of lightning, can cause paralysis, does lightning damage
    Acidshield - Hurls forth a blast of acid, can corrode armor, does acid damage
    Poisonshield - Strike with the power of posion, does poison damage
    Drainshield - Drains away the life of your opponent, does negative damage
    Holyshield - Sends forth a wave of holy energy to strike foe, does holy damage
    Energyshield - A surge of magical energies is sent forth, striking the enemy, does energy damage
    Psishield - Sends forth a shock to attack the opponents mind, does mental damage
    Rotshield - Does poison damage
    Flashshield - Unleashes a blast of bright light, can cause blindness, does light damage
    Painshield - Strikes with magical harm, does harm damage
    Charmedshield - Unleash the power of beauty, does charm damage
    Sonicshield - Send forth a blast of sound waves, does sound damage
    Watershield - Create a magical stream of water to douse the enemy, does water damage
    Earthshield - Summon forth the very earth to strike opponent, does earth damage
    Windshield - Summon an unnatural blast of wind, to strike the foe, does wind damage
    Darkshield - Does darkness damage and can blind
    Healshield - Restores your HP.


Resistances are important to a custom armor, very important. A 50 resistance can turn high hitting damage, into nearly a tickle, it is definately worth it. However, what resistance will work best for you, that's another story. Anyways, I would recommend you wait till the end of your custom modifications to add resistance, mainly because it's the second highest cost you'll need to obtain for your armor. You can add a max of 50 resistance, ONCE. You should add ALL 50 points at once, because you can't add small amounts of other resistances, as you can only add any one resistance, ONE TIME. It will cost you 100 of your hometown's tokens, per point of resistance, for a total of 5000 tokens at the maximum addition of 50.

    Klevnone - Ruby
    Murkwood - Emerald
    Armengar - Sapphire
    Mesilena - Onyx
    Calararian - Crystal
    Tolin - Topaz
    Lapis - Turquoise
    Tozain - Amethyst

Syntax: custom modify <item> <restype> <amount>

restypes: resbash, respierce, resslash, resfire, rescold, reslight, reslightning, resacid, respoison, resholy, resenergy, resmental, resdisease, resdrowning, resharm, rescharm, ressound, reswater, researth, reswind and resdarkness.

These are spiffy little things you can add to your armor to make it easier for you to quest, kill, or just run around. However, not all are truely useful, and will get in the way. Decide on what you want, and don't want. You can add 1 affect to each custom armor, and they cost different prices. ALSO These affects do NOT show up in your affects list. Sanctuary is a suggestion for the first Affect to attain.

Syntax: custom modify <item> affects <affect>

    invisible: 200 sapphire tokens to add. - makes you invisible
    detectgood: 100 sapphire tokens to add. - allows you to detect Golden Auras (good align)
    detectevil: 100 sapphire tokens to add. - allows you to retect Red Auras(evil align)
    detectinvisible: 200 sapphire tokens to add. - allows you to see invisible players/mobs/items
    detectmagic: 100 sapphire tokens to add. - allows you to see if an item is magical or not
    detecthidden: 150 sapphire tokens to add. - allows you to see hidden players/mobs/items
    sanctuary: 1000 DIAMONDS tokens to add. - cuts damage in half (this is a must have for first armor)
    protectionevil: 350 sapphire tokens to add. - protects you from evil
    protectiongood: 350 sapphire tokens to add. - protects you from good
    sneak: 200 sapphire tokens to add. - allows you to leave/enter rooms unnoticed
    hide: 100 sapphire tokens to add. - makes you hidden(need to rewear item to become hidden again)
    fly: 100 sapphire tokens to add. - makes you fly, thereby allowing you to conserve movement
    passdoor: 250 sapphire tokens to add. - allows you to walk through most doors
    berserk: 300 sapphire tokens to add. - increases your damage slightly
    haste: 400 sapphire tokens to add. - extra hit, does not stack with the haste spell.
    regeneration: 1000 DIAMONDS to add. - grants additional health regeneration.

For an additional 10,000 diamond tokens you can add the travel affect to a custom armour. custom modify <item> travel to add and travel <kingdom> to use the new affect. Do note that the travel effect can be stacked with an affect.
The syntax is: custom modify <item> travel

Next comes the easier things to remember. First up, HP. I'd do this first with your custom armor, after making it of course. You can add a max of 200 hp, and you can only add hp once. It will cost you 1 crystal token per point.
The syntax is: custom modify <item> hp <amount>

Next is hit and damroll. You can only add 5 of each, once, on an armor. Hitroll will cost you 2 emerald tokens per point, while damroll will cost you 2 ruby tokens per point.
The syntax is: custom modify <item> hit/dam<amount>

Armor class is a small, but helpful part of the armor. You can add it once, with a max of 50, which you should add the full 50 points of. This will cost 1 amethyst per point. 
The syntax is: custom modify <item> ac <amount>

This next part covers mana. You can add a total of 200 mana, but you can only add it 50 points at a time. So essentially, you can add mana 4 times, with a max of 50 per add. I would suggest you add no less than 50 each time, as adding any less would be a waste. Mana will cost 1 onyx per point, for a total of 200, if you add all 200 points.
The syntax is: custom modify <item> <manatype> <amount>


    Blackmana - Adds Black Mana
    Whitemana - Adds White Mana
    Greymana - Adds Grey Mana
    Spiritmana - Adds Spirit Mana
    Colorlessmana - Adds Colorless Mana
    Firemana - Adds Fire Mana
    Watermana - Adds Water Mana
    Earthmana - Adds Earth Mana
    Windmana - Adds Wind Mana

Hit Points, mana, move, ac, weight, attributes, extra socket and saves

Next we come to movement, which, like with a weapon, I don't see any reason to actually add this, HOWEVER, since I am not you, you can add a total of 100 movement, and you can only add movement once. It will cost you 1 onyx per point.
The syntax is: custom modify <item> move <amount>

Next we come across attributes. If you're new to questing, and are wondering where all the tokens are at, check your luk stat. Chances are, it's fairly low. If you want more quest tokens per quest, add luk. Want more hp? Add con. Are you a mage or a priest, and want a spell lag cut? Add int or wis. In any case, you can add a total of 5 stat points. However, you have to do this once. So you can add one stat worth 5 points. It will cost you 100 topaz per stat point. Add no less than 5 points.
The syntax is: custom modify <item> attribute <stat> <amount> -- Stats: Con, Str, Dex, Agi, Int, Wis, Led, Pec, Cha and Luk

Now we come across saves, personally, I'll say these aren't worth bothering with, but other people might say differently, but, nonetheless, I must tell you how to do it. You can add saves once, in and amount of 5. Go no less than 5 per addition. Saves will cost you 100 crystals per point.
The syntax is: custom modify <item> saves <savetype> <amount>

Save Types:

    General - Normal Saves (to prevent negative status affects)

    Breath - Protects from the Breath Weapons used by Dragons Currently Unusable
    Petri - Erm, I don't think this one even -does- anything, but it's supposed to protect                  against Petrification Currently Unusable
    Para - Protects against paralysis(from shocking weapons, and lightning breath) Currently Unusable

Next is weight. I'm not sure what this actually affects, but you can set it between 3 and 30. You can change this ONCE and it will cost you 100 Turquoise tokens.

The syntax is: custom modify <item> weight <amount>

Lastly, all custom armors can be given an extra socket, on top of their base sockets. So if your armor has three sockets when you socket it, this will give it four. You can do this only once, and it will cost 500 topaz tokens.

The syntax is: custom modify <item> socket

So in total, this armor should cost: (assuming you didn't add movement or saves) (this also doesn't include affects or travel, you'll have to add them in yourself)

    100 Turquoise
    50 Amethyst
    200 Onyx (400 if you made a shield)
    10 Rubies
    200 Crystals
    1000 Topaz
    10 Emeralds
    15000 of your Hometown's tokens (including resistance)
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