Author Topic: Your own personal KotL History! (And a Thank You!)  (Read 1736 times)


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I was sitting here at work... pondering something. I know you guys (Immortal Staff - Speficially Chal and Gilly) probably get thanks every now and again but I wanted to say thank you for providing KotL for us to play. I've cant recall exactly how many years I've been playing KotL but its definatly longer then any other text based game I've played in the past. I still can remember my first character (Arkham) - a dwarf warrior from klevnone - I was so fricken lost! I almost gave up on playing because it was so different from other code bases I'd played in the past but I stuck it out.

After I learned my way around and figured out some of the little tricks behind tiering and evolving I jumped into a dragon/mage race - not fully understanding what I was doing yet it was fun to learn the hard way! :) Taliesin got mopped around a bit but I eventually learned engough to not die every turn i took. Then there was the PWipe - sure - most of us bitched but I think we can mostly agree it was for the better. Plus the days leading to the wipe were fun - crazy token bonuses - instant evolutions - super fun.  >:D

After the wipe i had a hard time picking my path - i had done alot of work on Taliesin and wasnt sure if i was going to bring him back as a dragon - or take a new route. In the end I decided to go w/ the darkelf and ended up with a Taliesin i was happy with - Drider Abjurer. Things were good and I was progressing rather well.

Then life had to jump in... fun fun life... i poked my head in from time to time - but was mostly absent for two years. Major life changes recently allowed me to partake in some much needed stress relief (mudding ;) ) - when i logged back on i had no idea where to even start - i was at 150 w/ a 4th tier character - and didnt even know where to begin again - got a wild hair up my ass and recreated Taliesin. Tried out one of the new races (Bane) and quickly became the first Balrog in the realm - it was short lived as i had choosen a class that i didnt much enjoy (warrior) and went through a wierd phase of creating a new character on an almost daily basis. Taliesin was deleted (and may stay that way - not sure yet) and after much experimenting i've ended on my current character - Azzan - the HOBBIT!!!

Its been fun looking back at all the friends i've met, lost, and the just general fun i've had playing this game... KotL has - and probably will be for some time - been my favorite addiction. I've seen some busy times (20 people on a majority of the day) and i've seen the slow days (Me and a 2 other people watching Chal and Thalia idle around :P ). I've seen some rough times (Koda passing away - god i miss the marathon RP sessions w/ this guy!) - and had some wicked fun (Halloween a few years ago - what a blast).

All in all - i just want to say thank you for providing such a wicked game! :)

Andrew (aka - Taliesin, Neros, Azzan) :)


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Re: Your own personal KotL History! (And a Thank You!)
« Reply #1 on: 06/27/07, 15:08 »
*laughs* thanks for the, well... 'thanks' :)

It's a lot of fun (most of the time), headaches (some of the time) and seldom dull from my standpoint.  I have over 40 characters.  Probably at least 5 of which could be considered 'mains' by some standards.  I think what I'll get into more is how we wound up with a KotL to begin with.

It started with my old job as a student.  I was bored and took a lot of night and weekend shifts.  I had played a game called AnotherMUD with a buddy of mine back around my freshman year of college.  One night I was bored, had no homework, and started to look up MUDs again.  There were a lot more at that point than there had been 3 years prior.  I tried a few, most seemed the exact same, and then I stumbled onto one with things like color, original areas and a non-stock storyline, so I stuck with it and really enjoyed it.

That was Realm of the Crystal Dragon - where I met a few people like Odin, Janus, Daklore, Kaylie and many others.  Anyhow, I nearly got out of MUDding right about the time my wife started funny story with that: 

I had been playing for about 5 months or so prior to her playing it, maybe more.  Actually more like 10 months, but anyways... she kept saying 'no' and showed zero interest.  Finally, I had hopped on with my imm - Chalgyr - and checked notes and then gone to work.  From work I logged in and it told me I was taking over my body, which was odd I thought, since I was usually very good about quitting before closing my client.  Then I typed 'who' and saw Devinoste and Glith connected.  Which again was weird since those were my characters, and I hadn't used them since the day prior.

So then I typed 'sockets' so I could see their ip - I was worried someone had hacked my password at that point.  They were coming from my home address, as was a new level 1 siren who's first and last name were: Gilly Bean - I made her delete and create a name that fit the theme...

Anyways, once I realized Gilly and I were diverging from RCD's direction more and more, we sat there in bed talking about how much we were getting frustrated with RCD and I just asked out of my ass: what would you say to us starting our own MUD?

She sat up, looked at me and said - with excitement evident - "Okay, when can we start?"

And that's when I started rounding up my original staff to help us put together the game that my wife named, "Kingdoms of the Lost", with a lot of the ideas and themes for my areas coming from prior short stories and D&D campaigns I put together.  :)

- Nick
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Re: Your own personal KotL History! (And a Thank You!)
« Reply #2 on: 06/27/07, 17:12 »
I ain't long winded like you wind-bags... actually, I think its the agorophobia speaking... >P But yeah. As for me? I've played... maybe.... four or five MUDs -seriously- in... uh... 10 years? Okay, it might be a year or two less, I ain't perfect. Ironically, RCD was the second one, wherein I'm sure I became a pain in Chalgyr's ass. First met, and hated, Gilly there *shifty eyes* Yeup, Gilly somehow managed to grate me the wrong way, for probably no reason whatsoever. We all have our wierd quirks. Actually, Gilly was the only reason I didn't plop over to KotL at the very beginning *shifty eyes again*

But now I'm here, and haven't really left... shame isn't it? But ya gotta admit, the place would be a lot duller than if I were there! All them nifty idears you've used.. and my infusion of logic into the lack thereof women possess (yes, I realize I am going to die for that statement), but yeah... Great times... lots of things from KotL to remember.... Koda, especially.

And then there's all the hot ladies who've played here... Exa... Melody... Ariadne.. Alaunae (she'll deny it, of course)... Gilly-obaasan doesn't count, cause she's oooooooooooooooooold. Yes, very aware that I'll be killed for that as well.

Hell, I remember Chalgyr having to run to the store to satisfy Gilly-obaasan's crazy pregnancy cravings. And her little breakdown about her little sister... *shifty eyes*

I think I'd better start running now...
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Re: Your own personal KotL History! (And a Thank You!)
« Reply #3 on: 07/03/07, 10:46 »
Started Mudding about 9 years ago, with RCD loved every minute of it, got an entire impressionable class of underclassmen hooked into playing...which subsequently almost got my school's IP banned from RCD due to their extreme lack of maturity.

Had to stop playing when I went to college due to other interests, not to mention I was tired of waiting for the tier system to be put into place(Level 150 got boring, after Draco farming became tedious). But when I got a job work 16 hr nights with nothing to do I went looking for RCD again. Only thing I could find was a post on some random forum by Chalgyr stating that they had started a MUD that was similar in atmosphere to RCD, and had a good number of the same people.

I got in, fell in love, and played until I got a new job which took away my mudding time. But I'm back, playing as much as I can.
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Re: Your own personal KotL History! (And a Thank You!)
« Reply #4 on: 07/11/07, 21:08 »
Uhhhh let's seee........... Luna my first character of Kotl actually started as a Dragon Ball Z character which is how I first met Daklore, Kavu/Koryn, and Sanosuke (R.I.P yah bum). That game went the the shitters and After taking some time to think about it desided to join Kingdoms of the Lost. Being a fantasy nerd I enjoyed it tons..... Until I was PK'ed thru the back by a Armengarian King for casting magic in Armengar.......... >> Sue me I forgot where I was at the time.......

Boy was I upset....  But I stuck it out with Luna the Siltha/Evoker. Till eventually I created Lin the Nymph/Ritualist (now Archwizard), Lucia the Dragon/Healer, and Lymia the Shadow Elf/Templar, several pwipes later. And still today I stick with those names eventually adding on Liria the  Kalchi/Warlord and Lyoko the Drider/Forestwalker to the long list of names. And lastly Larcen the Unicorn/Ritualist(using Lin's old tier class)

I've come along way and while some friends seem to have disappeared from the game I still see many familiar faces which keeps me from leaving.......... that and I've invested too much into my girls to just up and walk away for good........ :)

While I'm trying to get my friends to play it's often hard....... especially when one would rather play Warcraft then enjoy the insanity here. (boo on her. Give me Kotl anyday)

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Re: Your own personal KotL History! (And a Thank You!)
« Reply #5 on: 07/14/07, 22:21 »
I've currently got an unknown number of alts(immies, I really need  you to check all my IPs, there is more than one.) The ones I do remember are Lineer, Ertai, and Alvis, I started about a year after the last pwipe, went to college and couldn't connect to the game due to proxy issues, but when I quit living in the dorms, I started playing after WoW got to be too boring for me, and I came back after searching for KotL. yeah, I'm a bit of an oldie, but not really.
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Re: Your own personal KotL History! (And a Thank You!)
« Reply #6 on: 07/30/07, 21:22 »
Well, I started playing this before the last pwipe. I was Visarian/Morak/Folestar. Visarian is a mob in Murkwood now, good place for him. My friend Matt runs a char by the name Morak, and I am Folestar again.

I got into this because of Matt, and started on another MUD, QS is it's name, but I don't go there anymore. This one is better, better people, and better system.


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Re: Your own personal KotL History! (And a Thank You!)
« Reply #7 on: 08/09/07, 23:58 »
Hah, KoTL history!
Uh, I started here a couple of years ago... I think four or five. My first character was Raadnor, a were (a mistake I will never make again) doomknight. The first people  I met were Magus and Osiris, and they were good to me. I believe Daey showed me around, and told me how to make a custom, which I will -always- appreciate. (That shit's confusin' for newbies)
So remade into a cloud giant crusader, my first Thescal. I hung around klevnone, had some more fun with Magus and Osiris, and then met Lex. Lex and I ran together for probably the better part of a year and a half.
Then came the pwipe, which was too much fun. The next year I waited, logged on to KoTL every day, hopin' it'd be open. I was dissapointed every time.  :-[
So I remade after the pwipe, tried a Siltha Ghost Mercenary ... makin' him a ghost was the worst idea ever. So I made Raahu and, realized, dragons freekin' rawk!
And then I was a tard, and thought I'd stop playing. So I deleted, gave all my stuff away, and stayed off for like, 6 months.
Got too sick of not playing, and came back, and made a kalchi, I figured I'd try all the buff races out. He's a bunch harder to play than Raahu, but so muuuuuuuuch more fun. I think I might have a record, I evo'd him to kalchi in like, 28 hours or something. Long live the kalchi. *hop*
And then I thought I was gonna leave again, but didn't delete this time. And... I decided to come back like, two weeks ago. And here I am, having a great time, and remembering why I always loved being here. I grew up here, junior and senior year of high school, I can't leave!


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Re: Your own personal KotL History! (And a Thank You!)
« Reply #8 on: 09/13/07, 02:28 »
If I remember correctly..  I started playing KoTL the summer of '03.  Osiris showed it to me one day while we were at school, and I automatically got hooked.  It was a complete 180 for someone who had been playing the conventional videogame their whole life.  If I had a character, for however brief it was, before Magus..  I cant remember.  Kept Magus in Klevnone, ran with Osiris, Thescal, and Lex for the longest time, it was great.  Been on it for five years now, and I don't plan on quitting.

And yes, the wars are coming, bitches.  >P
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Re: Your own personal KotL History! (And a Thank You!)
« Reply #9 on: 10/06/07, 21:12 »
 I've been playing MUDs for about 6 years now, give or take. I had some pretty bad experiences when I first started... a few people in my class were playing this game, so I wanted to give it a try. I used -Telnet-, and the MUD was called Mudgik. A lot of people played it, some of you probably did, but no matter what anyone says about it, believe this: it was -evil-. It was a terrible place for someone who had no idea how to play a MUD... I mean, I was only 13 at the time. I wasn't too bright. I never made it past lvl 30.

 And then, a year after I stopped playing that one, I found The Jungle. It was an awesome place, and I made many friends. Unfortunately, I never did devote much time to it (RL was hectic for several years) and reached lvl 78 (Falke) at my highest. Four years or so of playing that was when I discovered KotL. It became kind of a guilty hobby. I knew I should have been back at TJ leading my guild, but this new MUD was so captivating. And it actually had a solid playerbase, poor TJ usually only ever had 2-3 players on most times.

 Now, with The Jungle down (possibly for good) I think I'm going to stay here, even if it returns. I'll check some day, but I'd rather settle down here. End!