Author Topic: Why You are the Way You Are Today....  (Read 1428 times)


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Why You are the Way You Are Today....
« on: 06/25/07, 14:01 »
So a Priest, a Fighter and 2 mages walk into a bar....... oh wait... that's me.

Curious to all my fellow KotL players. Why did you pick the character classes that you use? Was there something about the description? The combination of Race to Job Class that you liked? Or was there some other twisted reason.

Okay for example we all know I have about 7 characters in KotL... all with an L at the start of the name (sue me I'm creative).

I've put together some racial / class combos that made sense while others...... not so much.

Example being.

Putting a Templar as a final job class mixed with being Champion of a Kingdom is a good idea especially following in the path of Athorien.

Except heres the funny part........ the Templar is a Shadow Elf.

Follower in all things Holy and Good....... not the most holiest of Elven creatures.

RP story wise? Torn between instinct and training anyone?

So else has any fun insites to share about why they made the character they play today?
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Re: Why You are the Way You Are Today....
« Reply #1 on: 06/25/07, 14:43 »
Well, I have always tried playing fighters, Visarian was a fighter, I think the earlier version of folestar was a fighter too. So this time I tried something completely different... A Mage. As for the personality, I try to let it develope, within certain parameters. Visarian was kind of a stuck up prick, Folestar has been fun loving and happy, I like it.



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Re: Why You are the Way You Are Today....
« Reply #2 on: 06/25/07, 18:03 »
Why is Daklore like he is today? Years of roleplay. Why did I choose priest? Originally, I was going to delete Daklore after a day or two... he was a 'check-in' character that never checked-out *shifty eyes*
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Re: Why You are the Way You Are Today....
« Reply #3 on: 06/26/07, 08:51 »
I wanted to be sneaky.
So, naturally, the choice was a rogue.
Then, I pretty much read through every help file on all the races.
And I realized that wild elves will eventually become siltha and be invisible.
And then I realized they'll also have improved backstab.
And then I finally realized evade sounds completely sweet.
And there we go.
A completely kickass sneaky siltha rogue. Well, quite kickass.

Ok, somewhat almost kickass.

At least he can kill wolves.

Ok, frogs...
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Re: Why You are the Way You Are Today....
« Reply #4 on: 06/26/07, 09:50 »
rogues do it best from behind :o


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Re: Why You are the Way You Are Today....
« Reply #5 on: 06/26/07, 10:06 »
My first character on RCD was Chalgyr.  I just created him as a similar but different type of elf because I liked the race description.  I took fighter because I was also new to MUDs at the time and I as advised in the helpfiles that fighters were the easiest to use and learn.  So, that is the basis behind my main character.  Now, beyond that... all of my characters are assembled for rp reasons (I like the 'handsome' races so I take humans - I'm the only one I swear - and elves and a dretch but not gnomes, dwarves, etc).  I just pick combinations of race and class now that suit the roleplay of the character in my head.  I pictured Rylee as a very unorthodoxed ranger amidst the swamps of Klevnone.  He was human at the time and didn't get sired in rp until about a year or so into the game.  My characters from Klevnone tend to be warriors because that fits their culture, etc. :)
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Re: Why You are the Way You Are Today....
« Reply #6 on: 06/26/07, 10:07 »
I think I ended up with Azzan being a hobbit (under-played race and went well with my class), rogue combination as it seemed fun to RP and the combination itself seems to have as much potential as the siltha/rogue combination. Should be fun to see how it pans out. Will probably recreate my Drider/Mage combo too - was stupid to delete him. Damn breaks and thinking i had forgotten how to play.... NOOOO!!! :)


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Re: Why You are the Way You Are Today....
« Reply #7 on: 07/02/07, 19:20 »
I started out as a ranger on small time mud called darkhaven or something, anyways, I was driven to near insanity over that and chose to play nothing but warriors since then. Now since Kotl is so expansive and you have to do quests to get tokens to buy customs, my lazy nature caused me to create a mage after I fubar'ed a rogue. so I guess I'm Lineer Zakrice out of laziness...
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Re: Why You are the Way You Are Today....
« Reply #8 on: 08/02/07, 00:05 »
Magus was my first character on KoTL.  Ive had many others in which I've covered all the classes.  I originally made Magus a Mage because Osiris convinced me that it was the best thing to do.  I later got into Rping and found that I was more cut out to be a Fighter because Templar best explained Magus.
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Re: Why You are the Way You Are Today....
« Reply #9 on: 08/10/07, 00:23 »
Really, Thescal's a kalchi 'cus of energize. Mentalflare was kind of like.. eh, whatever. But he's gonna be a dragonslayer 'cus of energize. Energize + earthbarrier = maybe increase his life a little bit. Plus medium race = 2 hander + 1 hander. I had hoped sneak would work better though. >_< I had never played a scout before either, it seemed like it could be fun.
Plus I really wanted to play a kalchi, for the sole reason that I thought it'd be the greatest challenge. I'm not dissapointed, it's definitely not the easiest.