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: Slackers...
: Daklore 06/25/11, 11:30
Write something, dammit! I mean, the forums are better for posting ideas because it's not as spammy or crappy formatting as the idea board on kotl! (plus it's easier to ignore because Sye wrote it >P (kidding)).
: Re: Slackers...
: Thalia 06/25/11, 13:18
and you get bold and easier colors!

You can make things glow

And!! you can make text move. (although some might find it annoying)


: Re: Slackers...
: Daklore 06/27/11, 18:03
It's also a lot easier for me to add potholes (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Pothole). Although.. it could be easier >.>. Especially considering the insert hyperlink is mean and doesn't do it right. >P
: Re: Slackers...
: Chalgyr 07/12/11, 14:01
Dude... moving text.  I've never noticed that before... ;)
: Re: Slackers...
: sye 09/12/11, 23:12
Oh no you guys are in trouble!

Sye has turned no script off and now can use options in forums!Heheheheheh
: Re: Slackers...
: Chalgyr 09/13/11, 07:34

There, i wrote it. :)

So, speaking of writing, anyone posted anything to the story forums in ages?  Would a contest help? 
: Re: Slackers...
: Daklore 09/13/11, 15:33
You mean the story archive? I need to continue posting my AU of Into the Ashes... but I'm lazy *sagenod*
: Re: Slackers...
: Chalgyr 09/15/11, 08:28
Yup, I mean the story archive.  Looks like it's gotten a bit dusty over there.  Should think up some sort of a contest/motivator to get people writing and submitting there - and hopefully coming up w/ some character ideas for themselves in the process.  Hm...
: Re: Slackers...
: Daklore 09/15/11, 12:36
Hey, Daklore has pretty much finished the evolution to anti-everything for Volain. He's the big bad, the optional boss who is fifty times stronger than the final boss. >P

Which is why I work in the AU realm cause you guys won't let me be that strong >P
: Re: Slackers...
: Chalgyr 09/16/11, 07:50
"slay daklore" - Look!  Ah winz!
: Re: Slackers...
: Daklore 09/16/11, 17:34
Only because you have immy-coded powers >P