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Release notes for 2008 - May
« on: 04/18/09, 13:37 »
Two new areas:

- Warward Mills from Alyzia and Nealah
- Jhavna Ice Palace from Hatchet

- Legendarydeadmanstaunt: should now do standard checks when attempting
  to draw mobs/pcs into combat
- Hamstring: checking for Hamstring improvement on the target not the hamstringer
- Wildmods: Added mods for Murkwood Festival         
- Aqua Effect: dehydrates additional types of items

- Fairness: no longer tries to do negative energy damage
- Accelerate: Changed to not impact perm spells
- Calm: should now stop fighting between two opponents even if only one of
  them is calmed
- Several wave spells: changed to look through characterss in the room
  instead of looking through all the the characters in the game
- Create Flower: Crystalblue lavendar can now be held by neutrals
- Punishment: now starts combat

- Changed how mob's wait time decays to be more consistent with players. 
  (should impact how quickly a mob can initiate actions (like aggros
  restarting combat or any mob using spells/combat skills during combat))
- Changed mob's weapon selection/usage logic a bit

- keyring list:  now shows number of current keys out of max keys
- thrall: can no longer thrall undead
- Tannari Family: We gave the Tannari evolutions Tailwhip but forgot to
  give them a tail -- fixed!
- Bard Sing:  Save status
- Quests: During Festivals, quests in the Festival's host kingdom have
  increased chance of faction gain
- Quests: Increased potential faction gain from quest
- Tourney Boards: Corrected error that is causing people to be listed
  in wrong order. unfortunately, the boards won't correct until people
  get new higher scores
- GAME: removed the logic that kept messages from going to people who
  couldn't see the speaker

- Lots & lots of message lines: Added or fixed carriage return/line feed
- Buff Spells: Fixed messaging when target already had buff (was going to
  target instead of caster)
- Barricade typos
- Legendarykingswill:  fixed typo
- Fixed typo in Cherna's speech
- Fixed typo in "you have found <runestone> message"
- Aquawhirl text corrections


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Re: Release notes for 2008 - May
« Reply #1 on: 04/18/09, 13:38 »
Legendary fixes & changes
- Enrage:   Increased values by x4.  note:  there are 3 increasing levels of
  enrage, so first level may seem light, but the final value should be sweet.
- Mummyrot: Changed so that the impact to healing actually happens.
- Defense:  Changed to work (decrease damage to bearer)
- Damage:   Changed to work (increase damage against opponents)
- Stealth:  Changed to work (gives a bonus to invisibility, use VANISH to trigger
            and VISIBLE to turn off)
- Bait:     Changed to "Unexpected Attack" -- a chance of backstab in midcombat
- Trap:     Changed to "Snare" -- gives access (or a bonus) to the snare skill
- Peaceful: Changed to "Allure: -- a Temporary Charisma bonus (legendaryallure)
- Serene:   Changed to "Siren Song" -- random attack during combat
- Retreat:  Changed to "Elude" -- chance of random teleport when HP get low
            in combat; Bloodsworn have small chance of this working
- Casket Healing: Now usable on all undead; also generates a message to the
- Recon: (1) Added saving throw to allow target to know someone is observing
  them; (2) If existing saving throw to recon target fails, instead of getting
  no information, you'll still get the summary of information, but it will be
  randomly inaccurate.
- Vanish: When used to "gate" you no longer need to surround your target with
  quotes (e.g. "vanish lesser one" should work)
- Get: "get <pile of coins>" should skip the item count check
- Chant: Changed to respect changeform
- Imbue Undead: (1) Messages target; (2) Always requires a component to cast
- Punishment: Changed to decrease instead of improve Armor Class
- Sleep: Changed order of "already sleeping" check and the saving throw so the
  messaging makes way more sense.
- multiple spells:  Failed range check no longer says to "use murder" (which is
  a command we no longer have).
- Fixed problem (or one of them) with victim's health continuing to message after
  combat is stopped (due to death or flight).
- Miraelle mod: if you already have the spell her mod wants to cast on you,
  you should get an exp bonus instead
- Adhesive:  Added "wear off" message.  Note:  Any skill or spell that can
  "wear off" of an object can easily have a message added.  if you know of
  others that are missing, please BUG them.
- New Runestones:  3 Legendary Lessons, each with a different experience
  multipliers (2x, 3x, 4x) for experience gains by Legendary items.  Only
  one can be used at time.
- Unicorns & Leveling:  Turned off removal of equipment at leveling.
- Bloodquest Time: No longer tells you about how much time is left on a standard
- Area Settings: Added "no login" flag.  Intended use is for the festival area
  (or similar) once the festival is over.  The default location is your kingdom's
  recall point