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Some ideas
« on: 08/29/07, 18:31 »
I am still relatively new here, but so far I like it a lot, and there really isn't anything I can think of that the mud needs, and maybe somethings I am thinking of have already been implemented, I just don't know about them yet.  But for what it is worth, here are a few ideas that could be interesting...

Mounts-I don't know if you have them here or not, maybe even skills such as riding or mounted combat could be added.  Religions could get their own mounts, sort of like familiars that you can ride.  Riding would likely be limited to outdoors or cavern type settings maybe.  Mobs you are fighting against could have a chance to hit the mount or the rider.

Tomes-Maybe some sort of books, they could be one use items that either add a skill or language you didn't have before, or maybe just add a little to an existing one...something that pops maybe just a little more frequently than runestones, certain mobs may have a better chance at having them maybe...also could be class or race specific, or language specific, ie I have a tome that grants a new spell, but since I can't speak/read dragonic, its useless to me.

There was some discussion about people killing kingdom mobs...maybe having mobs cry out when attacked would be a good idea, maybe mob witnesses could file reports with the town guard, without using names, just descriptions to add a little to the RP side of things...'It was a male balrog with violet eyes, black, long hair, a long beard and skin like coal...I did notice a scar across his left eye.'  Something just utilizing the basic description of the character.

Some sort of combat arena would also be nice...somewhere that two people could fight against each other, and others could 'watch' maybe even place bets on who would win, a players record could define the 'odds' if people wanted to bet on the person, and bets could be either gold or maybe even quest tokens (those this could be abused if not coded properly and monitored)  and perhaps some sort of prize for the winner, nothing extravagent, maybe a little gold, or some tokens, or some sort of enchantment or something.

These are a few to start, may have more I said I like this mud a lot, and i can't say that it NEEDS anything, maybe just somethings to add flavor...


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Re: Some ideas
« Reply #1 on: 08/29/07, 21:23 »
Well, let us go in order, shall we?

Mounts: I've got no objection to it... but... honestly.... -why- do we need them? The world is small enough, healing movement is easy enough, and, hell, I have 20K+ to burn... but that's me. Yes, I know you don't have much at a low level, but it's enough to get around, recall, finish your quest and rest to replenish it - for free.

Tomes: Gate tome, yes please thanks. Now, if random tomes dropped that could be used to act like the Jaxom skill/spell improve mod? That would be a useful idea, really. Tomes that teach new spells? Well, that could be a while... even if it were approved by the imms, which I can't say if it is a good idea or not. As for Tomes that teach languages? We can already learn them from RPXP... and if you don't RP, you don't need to know them, so don't pull the non-rper card.

Killing kingdom mobs: Eh, no arguement.

Combat Arena: We kept telling Farnite to make us one, he kept telling us he'd make one. It's been... 3 or 4 years now, and no arena. Blame farnite.
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Re: Some ideas
« Reply #2 on: 08/30/07, 17:53 »
Mounts: Never said it was needed, and not necessarily for transportation issues, but more as a combat thing, though they could work both ways.  A mounted character would have some benefit from being mounted, maybe improved chance of harder swings, plus a chance that opponents could hit the mount instead of the rider, with some drawbacks as well, like less accuracy, no stance while mounted, more chance to lose concentration when spellcasting...the fighter classes could have a skill like mounted combat to offset the accuracy issue, and maybe mage classes could have mounted spellcasting to offset the concentration issues.  Mounts could also lend to jousting, though even more new code would likely be required, could have some sort of joust tourney or something...

As for tomes...The new spells/skills idea is probably a stretch, but if you think of them as a Jaxom mod in an item, that can be sold or traded, or saved for later thats more of what I am getting at...and as far as languages..I was just trying to think of the things you could learn from books and throwing it all out there, maybe not needed, but it could be a way to learn languages without spending the RPXP and maybe a way to make more use out of languages if the tomes came in specific ones.

As I said, I can't think of anything offhand that the mud NEEDS.  I was just trying to think of some thing to add a little flavor and maybe give the coders something to think about.


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Re: Some ideas
« Reply #3 on: 08/31/07, 11:06 »
These are some well-thought out and interesting ideas, thank you for sharing.

I would say of them all, mounts are probably my least favorite - I've actually looked at it before, and it looks kinda cool, but we would definitely need to impliment it into combat to make it a viable option.  Maybe charging style attacks to go w/ xyz...

I like tomes.  I like random things that drop.  Not sure what application - learning spells, improving skills, learning languages - but that could be cool.

NPC's in kingdoms more or less 'sticking up for themselves'?  I like it.  Report Daklore.  He's a bad gnome.

Arena - there has been some renewed discussion on this since Farnite's return.  That's all I can really say specifically at the moment, but that is a notion we've given some thought to of late as well. :)
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