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« on: 03/31/08, 10:36 »
Not that I want to completely destroy my own chances of getting to level 200, but I have to say that healshield is simply too powerful in its current form.
There is no way that at level 194 I should be able to take on 10 lv 203 assassins at the same time and not get hurt.
If I get beaten to a bloody pulp, I can fight something weaker than myself and be fully healed in 2-3 rounds.  The same amount of hit points takes 15-20 casts of heal critical. 
Healshield negates the advantages of having a priest in your group, who needs a healer when all you need is a mob that can withstand 2 rounds with you but can't hurt you.
If healshield is cut in half it would still be very valuable to those who use it, but would no longer make a person completely invincible.

Just my $0.02

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Re: Healshield
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Well I for one have to agree on this but then again I am a priest. I feel that Healshield completely negates the need of the "priest" class. I am not a melee fighter and I am not a speed magic caster. I am a healer and the only hope I have for anything is to be able to out heal what ever I am fighting. If fighter type(ie fighter, rogue, and mage) can heal like a priest, with which healshield and a shielding rune going off twice in the sametime I get 1 cast of power heal they can, then why can't there be a priest only weapon flag that gives me like 10 attacks >:D