Author Topic: Release notes for 2009 - Nov 06  (Read 2661 times)


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Release notes for 2009 - Nov 06
« on: 11/06/09, 17:34 »

Area Updates
+ Arena:  Healer added to area immediately outside the arena
+ Temple of the Elements: new area from Leesil

+ Level Checks: More clean-up to distinguish mobs at/above level 200 from PCs.
  You shouldn't see any changes.  

+ Arena:  Fights should now stop after 90 rounds with no winner.

+ General Magic
  - Gave mobs in primarily magic professions the same "save vs. spell" bonus
    that players in primarily magic professions have (probably a minor change)
  - REMOVE CURSE:   Should now remove glue or adhesive affects when the NOREMOVE
    flag is removed.

General commands

+ GROUP: stopped change form bleeds

+ TRADE, ARENA, GAMES & Tourney boards: Now flagged as an OOC command and should
  show OOC names (instead of changeform or deception names)

+ PROMOTE, INVITE, RECRUIT, PLEDGE, VOW: Block use when in changeform or
  when using deception

+ LORE: Added information about furniture (number of people, useable commands);  
  Added chance for Mages to sense mana recovery and priest to sense heal
  recovery capabilities.

+ GUARD: Should be usable immediately after copyover or crashes

+ THROW: Updated dart game to match actually darts.

+ DEARMOR:  After reviewing comments, complaints & suggestions on dearmor,
  we made the following changes:

  - Chance to succeed modified by:  
    * Victim gets agility bonus
    * Victim gets small bonus for skill in attacker's weapon
    * Victim gets small bonus for being in either Armengar or Klevnone
      (as long as attacker isn't in the same)
    * Victim gets small bonus for being in either military or guard
      (as long as attacker isn't in the same)
    * Level difference between victim & attacker

  Note: These changes were made to have DEARMOR more closely mirror the logic
  in DISARM.  The two skills were intended to be similar, but unlike DISARM,
  DEARMOR originally had no "saving throw" factors for the victim.

  - Locations expanded:
    * head: Added horns (for applicable races)
    * torso: Added tail & wings (for applicable races)
    * legs: Added ankles 3-4, shins 3-6 (for applicable races)

+ Chants: After reviewing comments, complaints & suggestions on chants, we
  made the following changes:

  To chants:
  - Blessing: Changed to a Luck Bonus
  - Battle: Changed to a hitroll bonus
  - Endurance: Changed to a hitpoint bonus
  - Holy: Change to a resholy bonus
  - Relax: Added decrease to daze in addition to the existing HP recovery
  - Replenishing: Changed to Mana recovery
  - Armor: Removed
  - Mantle: Adds a leadership bonus

  To distribution of chants:
  - Scribe: Added Holy & Replenishing
  - Patriarch: Added Mantle & Replenishing
  - Crusader: Removed Faith, Added Mantle
  - Templar: Removed Armor, Added Holy

Builder info
+ OLIST WEAPON: now shows weapon level

+ Mob options: Added ASSIST_GROUP flag to mobs.  This flag must be set before
  an un-charmed mob will leap to assist group members.  NOTE:  You must set
  both the GROUP field and the ASSIST_GROUP flag before mobs will assist group

  This will prevent the problem that was happening in Volcano when all the mobs
  were auto-assisting each other when that was not the builder's intent.

+ Blood Realm healers: will have option to "restore all mana" or "restore some mana"

IMM info
+ MSTAT: no longer shows affects, you will need to use AFFECT instead