Author Topic: New Racial/ Class modification ideas!  (Read 1649 times)


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New Racial/ Class modification ideas!
« on: 09/02/11, 21:14 »
So.. I was thinking.. there are a few that would be unique and get people to stop striving to become vampires..

What if you considered doing.. an Arch Angel racial mod?  Kinda like Wraith or skeleton, but towards the light side? 

Or even Angel?   I just thought Arch Angel would sound cooler.

Backwards resists.. immune or high resist,  light/holy/fire.. and lower resist.. cold/dark/negative/disease possibly?

Adds fly.. detects.. and some other cool stuff (probabaly make it as good as draco)
Maybe any race can do it?  That would be pretty spiffy..
Add wings to it.. (no racial adds any equipslots, no racial modification anyways.. that would be a novel idea)

What about a racial mod of..  :   Golem. 

Okay hear me out.. I know this sounds kinda.. bleh.  But we do have spells that summon golems right?  And we dont have any RACES that are them.. so what if..

You made a way for someone to talk to ARthenon or some high level npc mage.. and they got turned into a golem, higher physical resists.. or better yet..
They could get turned into a few random golems.. like

*stone golem*  *steel golem*  *rock golem* *magma golem* *water golem*  *sand golem*  *vapor golem*  *blood golem*

Thinking of maybe the golems you can summon Diablo II but a wide variety.

This way.. people who love to make alts have a lot of options here, and it can't be.. like everyone gets the same thing, and it would be different than normal race mods..

You could add resists accordingly.. make them all fair, but different..

Add Regeneration..
Detect good/evil
Detect invis
*things that enhanced magical creatures would get*

Then maybe add an attack they get.. or even a brand for whatever they got turned into.. racial brands, I wonder if thats ever been thought of..
Or.. an AOE attack.. or even a buff, that they could cast on themselves instead of changing peoples resist too much.. or change resists and add the buff too like..
Golem Form  *and they gain resistance boon* just like that.. -x resist of whatever was fair for that type.

These were just two ideas I thought of.. I think there might be a few others.. but im trying to stay.. more unique, and less of.. the darker.. and undead stuff.

Also?  has anyone thought about having class mods.. mabye instead of just racial modifiers, they could get class ones?  Maybe make Three or four, and have stipulations.. *not like master classes*  Cause if you went with one you would LOSE some stuff but gain others..

Make it unique.. not lame..  no cross class stuff.

Maybe, I was thinking.. of classes we dont have, you can not spec in... but modify to yours, and maybe have a cost to it.. and you can only do one, and if you meet specific requirements..

Ninja..  You could gain one skill one ability.. you gain 10 agility.. and lose 10 str. (maybe even a vanish type of skill, or like a rapid rogue type skill)  *so if you went with this you could save on two runestone spots*

I can't think of any other unique class mods.. but you could make it an "EPIC" level quest..
where you litterally have to do upwards of 50 medium to HARD quest lines.. talking to people.. retrieving items.. killing things.. proving yourself, and ...
When you do get it.. it doesn't just ADD to your current skills/abilities.. it maybe makes it so some of your abilities skills aren't so good at what they use to be.. but you do gain some other stuff.

(so that way it isnt like class master or whatver)  and you wouldn't be mastering this class mod.. youd just be modding your class slightly.. for maybe some rp value, or to be able to gain some dif abilites)

** it would not affect augmenting at all, you wouldnt' be able to GM Anything you can't.. and you shouldn't be able to gain any skills abiliteis that are too powerful, or you shouldn't lose any that are too powerfull an example would be..

If youre a fighter class, and you mod ninja.. you might lose your rage meter.. but in return, you would gain 'increased dodge ability'  or something? you know.

It would be a way to mod classes to be more unique, without just the CLASS -Tier - Augment - race/racemod DONE.. you know.

I dont know if it would ever be worth the effort to consider it, or if it is even good enough to do.  But its an idea, what do you think?
-Sye out

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Re: New Racial/ Class modification ideas!
« Reply #1 on: 09/02/11, 22:18 »
Golems, no. They're meant to be animated lumps of material, with absolutely no sentience. They don't really fit in with the whole player character thing.

Everything else has merit. Not terribly in favour of angel or whatever racial mod, simply on the grounds that we don't need any more racial mods, or races, right now.
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Re: New Racial/ Class modification ideas!
« Reply #2 on: 09/07/11, 01:26 »
I like the Angel idea. It would be refreshing to see a divine creature instead of an undead.


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Re: New Racial/ Class modification ideas!
« Reply #3 on: 09/09/11, 13:53 »
Well Dakky has said it before as im sure he'll say it again.. "we have too many vampires" and after Thalias post I became to realize we just have too many undead things..

I mean all of the racial mods are negative and dark.

We could balance those out by making some holy ones? or ones that are not dark or undead.

--- All undead --
Shadow elf (dark)
all dark.
See the theory here, just a buncha negatory darkness!
So.. was thinking maybe they could.. change one of them.. or add one?
-Sye out
Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new - Albert Einstein