Author Topic: Idea for final Tier and Evo's  (Read 2722 times)


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Idea for final Tier and Evo's
« on: 06/26/07, 09:44 »
How about having mini-quests that people would need to do in order to achieve your final evolution/tier. An example would be for a mage to become an archwizard they would need to hunt down (these wouldnt be extreamly hard to find but not so easy its common knowledge) a mob that would send them on a quest to perform some task (difficulty for racial evo's would be based on currently level?) in order to attain their final tier. Just an idea :)


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Re: Idea for final Tier and Evo's
« Reply #1 on: 06/26/07, 09:49 »
Not a bad idea.  I've also batted around something similar.  Not Farnite's forgotten MasterClass system, but something for the level 200 peeps.  Some way to earn a 'title' or something that opens up some new skills or spells - related to class and a series of quests.  So maybe Tsythor the Archchronomancer or Tsythor the Chronomaster (stupid names I know, but work with the idea here) or 1 or 2 more things.  Make em' legendary stone hard to get, plus questing, etc - maybe gives just a couple of skills or spells different in the end, but also gives peeps at level 200 something new to do and perhaps a bit of distinction from those who came up behind them in the same class?
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Re: Idea for final Tier and Evo's
« Reply #2 on: 06/26/07, 10:32 »
Yeah, Tsythor is a stupid name, isn't it? *duck* But yeah... it seems vaguely familiar to the class system of Seiken Densetsu 3 (the Secret of Mana that wasn't released in English, for those not in the know), wherein you had to find a special item in order to reach your final class. As for 'titles', I got nothin against that... in fact, there could be a great deal of things you could do to get them. Hell, even code in little mini-games, like, being able to hunt wild game, or fish. Say completing either of those lists earns you a 'title' which might give you a little bonus, and perhaps... allow you to change your ititle, ne, ne, ne? >P

Also, here's a cosmetic idea... not sure how fast Thalia could code it.... *shifty eyes* But how about an ititle option for anyone who can reach level 200 without a single (mob)death. Currently, Narise is almost there... and Daklore will probably follow in due time. I dunno... call it the "Volain Survivor" title or something. >P In any case, such acomplishments will be recorded in my hall of fame, anyway.
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