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: Idea for Aggressive Behavior
: azzan 07/20/07, 09:16
I have an idea - its not super thought out so please bare with me. I know that all mobs to a certain extent are aggressive based on level range and all that fun jazz. How about races being agressive to certain races? For example - dwarves would automatically be agressive w/ orcs and vise versa. In addition to this idea how about certain types of armor (some armor made from rotten flesh or dragon skin, or orcish cape - you get the idea) that would negate this aggressive behavior. : ) Just an idea.
: Re: Idea for Aggressive Behavior
: Chalgyr 07/20/07, 12:30
I kinda dig the idea, maybe based on a flag in the olc.  maybe not even at a race level of the mob, but for builders to say: such and such is aggrodrow or aggrodwarf. Hmm
: Re: Idea for Aggressive Behavior
: azzan 07/20/07, 13:58
That would be awesome. Probably easier to impliment too (i could be wrong - but the little experience i have in codeing seems to make sense to me :P) - makes more sense then just attacking everyone anywho. I suppose the equipment part of the idea would be a little harder to incorperate though.  :-\
: Re: Idea for Aggressive Behavior
: Thalia 07/20/07, 14:44
:: gnashes her teeth and whines :: .... I sort of like the idea too.....

((I need more time to code!!))
: Re: Idea for Aggressive Behavior
: azzan 07/20/07, 15:21
*hands Thalia a never-ending Starbucks card and a couple mil in cash* CODE AWAY! :P
: Re: Idea for Aggressive Behavior
: Daklore 07/20/07, 15:35
OR. You could make unilateral mprogs that can be applied to any area and flagged to the appropriate mobs. Hell, even I could do that.

grall 100 agro_orc
ifispc race orc
mob attack $n

Done. Well... mostly. I haven't mprogged in a while, so... yeah... >P