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So the idea was a monthly long event. 8 zones bloodsoaked versions of all the kings scattered throughout bloodplanes . I did not include lapis because well its lapis. each zone is relatively small mostly just a zone to farm components. the zones are only available 2 at a time for a 5 day timespan and then never again until the folllowing month.

for instance zone by mesilena and zone by armengar open in the beginning , you are wandering around and a new door to the east where there never used to be one is now open instead of locked and unable to pass. on the other side is a gate keeper who only spawns for those times and keeps the door unlocked. inside the zone is just simple farm bracketed zone with rooms full of gma/arthie/keeper style mobs preventing aoe. in those 5 days you need to farm 100 shattered pieces and turn them into the distorted version of the leader for a fragment of a key. once the 8 zones have been farmed after the 20 days and you managed to get all 8 fragments a door on the last weekend of the month will open and inside is a guy who if you accept will port you to a room with a healer and a fountain. to the north is a auto cancel see all faerie fogged room of destruction

the mob would be legendary status and will attack with brands as well as his charmie , he will stop combat rebrand and pretty much slaughter parties.

your character cannot leave the 2 rooms unless you kill him or the weekend passes and noone kills him.

he will guarantee a drop of legendary caliber with boon and so forth. these rooms are not safe and he can only die once.
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« Last post by nuk on 06/19/15, 01:44 »
random lockboxs
sapphire-onyx as well as crystalline

lockboxs drop off mobs or special mod non bloodsworn (maybe a reason why everyone wouldnt be it)

the key to open it is respective to the box like in example sapphire lockbox requires a key for like say 1k tokens

inside the box is a random assortment of possibilties loot table style

like you could spend 1k sapphire open the box the key poofs and get a crystalline token, 2 crystalline tokens, 5 crystalline tokens, a stack of alchemy regeants , a sapphire quest mox any of the quest gear for sapphires or a piece of coal.

the crystalline could drop anything and everything to include a legendary and the moxs and so on but that one requires one of every key from every quest vendor so 9k tokens

id open em , if you check the logs to see how much ive spent on dirty greb and his loaded dice you know this is true
Ideas & Brainstorming / Re: random load
« Last post by nuk on 06/19/15, 01:35 »
I would say to it being more like rare epic loot of a zone and I do find zone gear to mostly be depressing in comparison. As much as an area has been amazing and provides secrets there is so much wasted loot inside zones.

Now I am not saying this being ignorant of what is available, I have spent my first characters on this mud as a walker exploring and thrilled by zones and my recent as a mage. I have teleported and explored so much of this mud identifying everything, robbing  your rp zone of chalices and digging secrets up. I explore mazes dropping items as markers and writing down what gets me ahead.

The loot is realistically rag to riches when you compare even quest gear. Fiery wings stand out as an item that is most likely overstated but an amazing piece.

 this would add some jelly to the sandwich
Hello everyone. First of all - boy am I glad it is summer. I probably am not getting much sympathy from our Canadian players here, but it was still ridiculously cold up in Michigan this last year.

So I had quite the response to my last State of the MUD article - and it was mostly positive. People wondering if I was planning to close up, and what it would take to keep things going - that sort of thing. I appreciated it, because it reminded me that even when people are not on real regularly, they do appreciate having a place to unwind, have fun with friends and try to show off their creative side. It is very tough for MUDs these days. Unless you have been well-established over the last decade or so, with dozens or hundreds of regular players, most MUDs have found themselves unable to stay up and running.

It is tough for a MUD to compete against the numerous online games out there now. Whether you want graphics, or action, or just a sense of community - games like World of Warcraft, Guildwars, League of Legends and plenty of others provide online experiences for those who like to explore, level up, battle other players and more. And many of those offerings are now free, they have development teams that number in the hundreds and they can certainly provide a greater lever of polish, support and iteration than most MUDs, which frankly are just works of passion generally held together by a handful of people who wanted to provide an online playground to others.

Frankly a lot of these online games owe a great deal to the MUDing community. It is not hard to see how a lot of the ideas that showed up in MUDs two decades and more ago have made their way into these graphic titles. I do however, think MUDs still provide a handful of options not generally found in these larger, commercial games. For one, the options for telling your own story, roleplaying with others and simply expressing your own ideas is far greater. The systems are more flexible because text is what we make of it - we're not bound to someone else's visuals to define the world around us nor the characters we create. MUDs are also a smaller, more personal experience with more opportunity to give feedback to the system. One person reporting a bug can mean a fix for everyone else, one idea can make for a significant change in how the game itself is later played.

The downside is, we have a limited number of people who can implement things, all of it takes time and since we do not get paid for this (in fact, I actually pay FOR it, lol) - it can take time to implement these ideas or changes, and sometimes we need a bit of convincing to see the merit in dozens of hours being dropped into a potential change, because it is all voluntary. I will be the first to admit that I haven't had an interest in building out a complete zone in ages. I believe my last one was the Bloodshire. For those keeping score at home, that dropped in Dec 31st, 2013.

However, what Kingdoms of the Lost became over the years is due to players - both in terms of setting up the community, playing the game and even contributing zones. I just did a count and my name shows up on 70 of the 174 zones. That's a lot of areas, so I suppose it makes sense that I have some fatigue in that regard, but it also shows that over 100 areas were made by others, most of whom were players just like you. Thalia has coded so much for us over the years (much of that time spent fixing the stuff I put in like a rookie, mind you) - and while she did the work, a lot of those ideas came from players like you. So please keep ideas coming, we might not always implement them, we might not do it right away, but they do get heard and they are important.

It was great seeing you all around (even if I could have done without some of the recent bickering that came up), and it is motivating to me and everyone else when they see more players around. People play MUDs to interact with one another.

One other note that I stunned even Thalia with recently - she had commented that it felt like KotL had just had its 10 year anniversary. Well come August, it's actually our 15 year anniversary. Believe it or not, you can check Mudconnect and see that we listed on Aug of 2000. Wow - that is a long time. I never really had an 'exit strategy' for the MUD, never really had any huge expectations one way or the other, but I don't think I would have guessed back when I was 24 years old that I would be running this thing when I was nearly forty. My youngest kid is 13 for comparison's sake.

Thank you for playing, I hope you continue to contribute more and hopefully we can have a good time in a couple of months when we celebrate Kingdoms of the Lost turning fifteen years old. I'm actually quite proud of that, and I hope all of you are as well as every player in their own way (even a few of the now-banned troublemakers from years past - just try typing 'Vrulle' on ooc) contributed to what KotL is now today.
Game Info and Documentation / Re: gem dragon island(spoiler)
« Last post by Chalgyr on 06/18/15, 08:46 »
As a completely random aside?

Man that area was a pain in my posterior when I first built it. It was easily the biggest and most difficult to map and mprog together back when I first designed it. :P
Ideas & Brainstorming / Re: random load
« Last post by Chalgyr on 06/18/15, 08:44 »
I haven't been commenting on this simply because I wanted to see what others thought first - but it's probably been long enough. For one, I like a general idea of randomly generated gear - it was actually the core notion behind item generation for Ashes when Thalia and I had discussed that some time ago.

For implementation here however, I find myself wondering how that works. On a technical level, that means making a bunch of objects to load in, which will tend to be somewhat generic in nature since they will have to load in say, all level 15-25 zones. That would be roughly sixteen zones that hit that range. Are we talking about set items with set names with set stats (like in world of warcraft when you pull a specific 'green weapon' off of a bandit) - or something that loads and gets a range of stats that roll and get applied? I get the part about putting them on mobs randomly, I'm just a bit fuzzy on the statistical math behind the actual stats on the item.

To Thalia's question about gems - to a point they do sort of represent this option. Of course gem sizes can make lining up gems to gear a bit more problematic. On the surface however, the gems should be able to replicate random stat generation on the gear itself.

Or - are we saying that these randomly spawned pieces of gear are of higher quality than what the generic equipment in zones provide? Using the Warcraft analogy, are you proposing that the gear created by builders and seeded in the zones are the white/gray trash items, and these random drops are the green/blue/purples of the world?

From a balance standpoint, where does that place quest gear (or even gem scale gear) in that ecosystem - obviously customers are the top of that particular food chain but I am trying to understand this from a balance/implementation/usefulness standpoint when weighted against the current system. Hope that makes sense? :)
Game Info and Documentation / gem dragon island(spoiler)
« Last post by nuk on 06/17/15, 09:02 »
this gets you through the maze from the captain, obtaining the volcano crystal to continue through the zone is up to you.

give 100 silver captain
Ideas & Brainstorming / Re: random load
« Last post by nuk on 06/16/15, 21:00 »
not really, even a random piece of equipment with gems inside of it isnt going to even come near a custom piece of equipment.

And because the gems and sockets assigned to a piece of gear are random . you could find a random breastplate only get 3 sockets in it and 2 are large and 1 is tiny , then find a worse one and get 4 .

not to mention if your not a class that can id it you have to spend tokens on identifying gems then remember what they are.

on top of that find enough gems to where you find the great stated gems to hold you over until you finish it.

a random stated gear with the right gems would be an awesome option to just grind and still get close enough to where you dont always get one shot by a bad resist
Ideas & Brainstorming / Re: random load
« Last post by Thalia on 06/12/15, 20:39 »

How is a random piece of equipment different from a piece of equipment socketed with some random gems?  In the end, is the same effect achieved?
Ideas & Brainstorming / random load
« Last post by nuk on 06/09/15, 14:51 »
So, let us see how much feedback we get on this.

First, I am not attempting to make customs invalid. I want to see a way that new players don't feel like they need to quest out customs bypass quest gear and make exploring fun. Give value to item drops and really improve the experience.

my proposal is multi layered.

Loading of random equipment in every zone up until bloodplanes and including legendary mobs that spawn currently.

From my understanding there is already an item value alloted depending on level. so a check happens during respawn per area checking to see if any random equipment exists within the zone.

next : If it does do nothing
next : if it doesnt roll to see if it will happen
next : if it does roll to see if it will be a rare spawn{See below for idea on this} or load to a current mob
roll to determine level based on zone unless it loaded on rare mob
    so if it was dagroky it could roll level 5-15 set value , then load stats almost like moxs do for that level range         
    to include resists and so on. If it was the rare mob it could be overvalued or a chance to roll an inherit          legendary inclusion like a legendary that only has 2 levels or 4( i could even see like ''adolescent knight'' and it could only go to level 2" maybe even scaled off level of zone if it could go higher

(and item naming could be easy like assigning the name based on damtype and zone
in example bashing spear of dagroky)

next : create item and load to random mob of level unless rare spawn, equip item on mob

(most zones have a ''boss' mob which could actually be transformed into that rare spawn , and with legendaries those items could be overstated extremely rare pieces that might even offer an upgrade to customs)

feelings on all of this are that newbie players and old alike could use a change. Adding these to lower levels would not devalue customs but allow players just to play. and if they were added to legendaries could allow for the chance even at 260+ to find an actual upgrade. festivals could offer overvalue on random generated gear to make festivals even more appealing.  and due to none loading in bloodplanes other then the rare chance at a legendary load this would not take away from peoples work on customs, yet offer them a chance gamble at something they could improve stat wise but not get the full benefit.

feedback is certainly welcome and if any holes seem to appear let me know , i probably have an answer
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