Author Topic: State of the MUD - August 8 - 2008  (Read 2878 times)


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State of the MUD - August 8 - 2008
« on: 08/08/08, 11:26 »
Hard to believe summer is almost over.  I'm not sure what the summer was like for most of you - but with all of the moving, packing, unpacking and so on - I can't believe that the kids will be back in school in about a month.  I'm sure Gilly will be heartbroken.

There's a handful of things I just wanted to touch on this month.  Obviously there have not been many changes or updates in the last two months.  Most of the summer has just been a whirlwind of activity for us, most of the builders that went through training have started projects but not finished them, and just in general staff and player alike find summer a good time to relax and not push things.

I know there are a couple of things in particular people have been asking me about.  The first is fantasy football - which there is a news post about on the MUD now.

The second is the Calararian festival.  Generally speaking, we would like a scheduler of Murkwood/spring, Calararian/Summer, Klevnone/Early fall, Mesilena/Late fall, Armengar/Christmas-ish.  We have been setting up these festival grounds and adding supportive code to the festivals while also trying to work in area and code updates during the festivals when possible.  However, this summer has not proven kind to most of the imms' schedules - especially mine and Gilly's.  So, we'll go forward with the Calararian one and probably nix the Klevnone one.  Not sure on a date yet - but probably some time in September - there are a lot of things going on the next couple of weekends irl for me and Gilly, and Thalia's got a couple of things cooking too so we want to make sure we're able to pull off a nice Festival.  So, thank you for your patience on it so far -and hopefully we'll have a rock-solid date and announcement about that soon.

And for those wondering as well the other night - there will be qbonusing of tokens most weekends for football this year again. :)  The festival and football weekends would be good times for you to act as recruiters and get us some new faces on the MUD.  The more people we have, the more there is for everyone to do as well.

I would also like to take a moment to thank everyone - I know there was some tension between several of the players earlier in the summer, and while I realize not everyone will like everybody else all of the time, I do appreciate that some of the bickering has decreased of late.  It's normal to get frustrated - we all get frustrated and we invest a lot of time and effort into our characters and the game - but all in all we come here to have fun and that's generally easier to do when we're getting along.

Well - that's about it for now - hopefully we'll have some news about the festival shortly.  Take care and enjoy the rest of your summer!

- Chalgyr
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