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Release notes 2010-09-03
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[ 22] Thalia: Release notes 2010-09-03: Big new features and some comments
Fri Sep  3 17:03:16 2010  Status: Normal
To: all

Big New Features
+ Bloodrealms

+ "Level 200" players converted to Augmented levels

Some comments....
There are some changes and additions we consider experimental and some that
we have only partially implemented at this point so that we can get feedback
from you.

Chalgyr & I will be opening topics in the Forums to get your feedback specifically
on these items.

As always, there are additional changes and additions in the works that build
in part on what is being released at this time.  We might comment on them, but
probably not.  (You know how I hate to talk about things before they are released.)

[ 23] Thalia: Release notes 2010-09-03: Bloodrealms
Fri Sep  3 17:04:25 2010  Status: Normal
To: all


Just a few specific features of the bloodrealms for you to be aware of as you
head into the Bloodrealms.

Bloodrealms is in a seperate plane of existance from the normal realm.  Characters
should not be able to teleport/gate/recall/et al to/from the realm. 

If you RECALL while in the Bloodrealms, you will go to a safe room within the

If you die or become mortally wounded/stunned, you will go to a safe room within
the Bloodrealms.

Being in the realm slowly eats away at your resistance to damage.  Returning to
the normal realm or eating/drinking food from the normal realm will slowly replenish 
your resistance to damage.

There is a chance for special combat bonuses while in the Bloodrealms.

Some skills or spells may have a chance of behaving differently in the Bloodrealms.

Bloodrealm Healers will charge you a lot of money to HEAL ALL or HEAL SOME mana.

The enterance to Bloodrealms is hidden.

[ 24] Thalia: Release notes 2010-09-03: Level 200 players --> Augmented levels(VERY LONG NOTE!)
Fri Sep  3 17:06:38 2010  Status: Normal
To: all

Level 200 players --> Augmented levels
We haven't been entirely satisfied with the expansions for level 200 characters,
so we are going to remove the level cap and allow players to continue advancing

Current level 200 players will be able to convert their level 200 experience to
experience for levels above 200.  Each level costs 2,000,000 exp.

The level 200 bonuses (titles & other benefits)  will be awarded at the following

  201 - the Heroic       (old 200 exp   2,000,000)
  204 - the Acclaimed               (   7,000,000)
  208 - the Remarkable              (  17,000,000)
  217 - the Celebrated              (  34,000,000)
  230 - the Great                   (  60,000,000)
  250 - the Amazing                 (  97,000,000)
  275 - the Legendary               ( 147,000,000)

Additional bonuses now include:

+ Group range for augmented leaders will be based off of their leadership
  (1/2 LED plus bloodsworn modifier).

+ Additional skills
  Starting at level 203 and every 3 levels there after, characters
  will be able to choose a new skill or spell.  As long as they have the necessary
  precursors, characters will be able to choose skills & spells from any class and
  any level.  Over time, additional skills & spells may also be made available.

 Important caveats: 

  - The max level that you can PRACTICE or learn (from using) a spell or skill
    is based on how related that skill/spell's primary class (mage, priest, scout,
    rogue, fighter) is to your own profession's class.   

    For skills/spells used by multiple classes, the primary class is determined
    by comparing (1) how many tier 4 professions have that skill/spell, (2) what
    the lowest level is when the class receives the spell, and (3) how close a
    class is to a character's class.
    Class relationship is:

                Mage -- Priest -- Scout -- Rogue -- Fighter
    A fighter will have a harder time learning a mage's spell than a priest will.
    A priest will have the same difficulty learning skills from Mages or Scouts.
    The max learning level can be modified by use of a Prodigy runestone for that
    skill/spells primary class.  If  the runestone is removed, the additional bonus
    learning is also removed.

  - Skills & spells from a class (mage, priest, scout, rogue, fighter) can only
    be PRACTICEd at a specific trainer (see below).
    Cost to learn a skill is in kingdom tokens & will raised or lowered based
    on your faction within that trainer's kingdom;

  - The spell PERFECTION will NOT allow augmented skills/spells to be used at
    GM levels.  The spells/skills will be just shy of grandmastery.
    (Yes, a fighter may gain GATE, but they will not be able to use it at GM level.)

  - Some Skills and Spells may be blocked from use by those outside the skill's
    or spell's normal profession.


      Pending feedback from you on which spells or skills should be blocked from use by
      other professions, we have blocked all skills and spells from being learned via
      Augmentation.  I will be opening a topic on the forums to discuss this.


New and updated commands


    AUGMENT LEVEL: Translates L200 experience into levels -- one level at a time
                   so characters can get their hp/mana/et al gains as normal
    AUGMENT <skill/spell>:  Allows characters to augment their current abilities
                   with new skills/spells
                   Skills/spells available in kingdoms as follows:
                   Murkwood   --> Scout skills;
                   Mesilena   --> Magic
                   Armengar   --> Fighter
                   Klevnone   --> Priest,
                   Calararian --> Rogue
                   Cost is 1000 kingdom tokens +/- 150 * faction level in kingdom

  - SKILL & SPELL: list out any augment skills/spells gained; Plus gives a count of
                   how many augumented skills/spells they've gained and selected

  - PRACTICE:      Shows augment skills/spells & a count of how many have been
                   gained & selected
                   Also allows characters to PRAC augmented skills a few times

  - DATA:          New command that shows the precursor for spell/skill
                   and other interesting information.

[ 25] Thalia: Release notes 2010-09-03: Communication, Magic, Combat
Fri Sep  3 17:07:19 2010  Status: Normal
To: all

+ EMOTETO, EMOTE, GEMOTE: remove CR & Bell sounds from strings

  - %un : new option for Area Realm Name
  - %ut : new option for Area realm timer (only blood realm has a timer right now)
  - %X  : display level 200 exp only if player has l200 exp; otherwise display TNL

+ IGNORE: corrected problem using partial strings to ignore someone

+ Added Casting level: Primarily for IMMs -- this is used to allow IMMs to
  cast at various levels without having to change their own level;  May
  eventually be used to add skills/spells that decrease/increase the casting
  level of a player or mob

+ MORT: Will now skip immortals

+ Saving thow check: Corrected logic so it handles a player's saving throw bonus
  correctly;  Improving saving throw bonus will now make it more likely instead
  of less likely to make a saving throw check.

+ CURE BLINDNESS: can cure all magic-based forms of blindness including:
  undead gaze, daylight, darkness, blindness flare, & blindess spells

+ IRONGRIP:  implemented original intent to decrease damage by 10%.  Future changes
  will include decreasing this amount based on your skill AND modifying the skill block.

+ PUMMEL: now checks pummeling

+ Resist checks:  includes impact of blood realm timer

+ DEAD or STUNNED: Areas can set a different target room for dead or stunned
  characters;  If no room is set at the area level, then characters will be
  transported to their kingdom's healer.

+ DIRT KICK:  Modified saving throw to include Dodge ability since it made sense
  that it would have an impact.


[ 26] Thalia: Release notes 2010-09-03: Movement, Objects, mobs
Fri Sep  3 17:08:26 2010  Status: Normal
To: all
+ GROUP: Updated for expanded ranges for augmented leaders

+ ENTER <portal>: YAUFFPAC (yet-another-update-for-friggin-pets-and-charmies)

+ sneaking:  IMMs will see players who sneak into/out rooms

+ RECALL: updated to allow recall to area specific room

+ SNEAK: reworked; no longer impacts HIDE level;  This is considered an experimental
  change.  We had bugs/suggestions/questions about why coming out of hiding (your
  location) would impact how you moved (sneakily).  So we've seperated the two.
  For now.

+ VISIBLE & combat attacks: no longer removes "sneak"

  - moved "fullness" check to top of logic
  - drinking liquids other than salt or rancid water decreases bloodrealm timer
  - Short expiration flag will remove drink on first/only use

+ EAT:  Eating normal realm item, will decrease bloodrealm timer

+ WEAR: Added messaging to unicorn family about trying to wear shield or wield
  weapons when in normal form

+ RECITE, BRANDISH & ZAP:  Added kingdom modifiers to level check

+ STEAL:  Added victim name to messaging

+ Shopping
  - BUY/SELL: Adding logic to buy/sell using tokens
  - LIST:
    * Corrected logic that was allowing Lapis to have Tolin cost factors;
    * Updated to list prices in silver or tokens

+ New runestones: Mage/Priest/Scout/Thief/Fighter Prodigy

+ Charmed mobs will stop following thier original leader shortly after the charm
  spells wear off
+ All magically generated followers will not have their inivis, hidden, detect invis, and
  detect hidden levels calculated.  They were 0 before, but there is no guarentee that the
  values calculated from their characteristics will be enough to overcome a targets's invis
  or hidden level.  They may have your level and might have some skill, but they don't have
  your same additional equipment to improve the levels.
+ Followers created by Raise Dead will based on the corpse's original mob template
  (instead of being based on the default familiar/pet template). 

+ Mobs with that have a "Talkscript" (a new kind of mob program) attached will have a <T>
  in front of thier long description.  These mobs will be more interactive than the
  normal mobs.   This is an experimental feature based on work Mayasuha did.  We just
  haven't had a chance to use it before now.

[ 27] Thalia: Release notes 2010-09-03: Other
Fri Sep  3 17:09:48 2010  Status: Normal
To: all
  - Updated to only show Level 200 experience if a player has level 200 experience;
    Once it's been used up for augmented levels, the new TNL for the next augmented
    level will display

  - The label "Magic Defense" has been changed to "Exotic Defense".  This value was
    NEVER  used against magic.  It has only be used against "Exotic weapons".

    Note:   Slash/Pierce/Bash/Exoctic Defense pretty much ends up being the same value.
    We are considering whether to collapse that into a single value OR actually starting
    setting things up so they do/can vary.

  - The label "Saving Throw" was changed to "Magic Saving Throw" because this is the
    value that is used for saving throws against magic.

+ REREGISTER: Updates spouse name field

+ RESIST, RECON: updated for bloodrealm penalty

+ APPRAISAL:  Give appraiser info on all requirements not yet completed

+ PROMOTION: Removed RPEXP cost for promotions to group leader

+ VAMPALLOW: fixed lowercase/uppercase/partial string match problems

+ TUMBLE:  Help file has been updated to match what the skill actually does

  - LOOK <shopkeeper>: shows hours they are open & kinds of items they'll buy
  - LOOK <item>: Updated all messaging to include item name being checked
    (e.g., no more "That is not an container." it will say "A fig leaf is not a container.")
  - LOOK <victim>:  Will now show all the auras on that <victim>. [Yes, this includes
    when you are looking at yourself.]

+ Aura for invisibility:
  - Mobs will now display the aura appropriate for their level of invisiblity
    (instead of defaulting to black)
  - Added a couple of additional levels of coloring to distinguish between
    "black" and "way beyond black".

  - HELP <skill/spell>: Includes DATA <skill/skill> info
  - HELP <partial string>:  If the <partial string> matches just one set of HELP,
    then that HELP text will display

  - Updated to allow practice of additional skills/spells for augmented characters
  - Added impact of Prodigy Runestone (practice to a higher level)

+ Automatic Move recovery:  If you have negative moves, the move recovery amount has modified
  to be related to how negative your move total currently is.  The new amount may still not be
  enough to overcome whatever made or is making it negative.