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A replacement for and other other sites??


Sye has volunteered to help get info from the defunct and other sites moved here so that players have an easy to get to place for game information and documentation.

This is area is not for ideas and long discussion.  Please limit it to information.

Current Moderator:  Sye

If you would like to assist him in moderating, please let both of us know in game via a NOTE.

I wouldn't be surprised if Tsythor doesn't have a backup of the wiki somewhere on a hard drive somewhere. Try pestering him. I never wrote anything down when I was making wiki pages.

If there is some interest in things that would like to be put on here please post it via a note or on this thread.   I think <most> of the information was salvaged I was looking through my backups and filled out what I could and will be filling out more things as discovered.  Thanks, Sye


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