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Story Lines- Arcs
« on: 02/08/15, 13:16 »
This idea has been punted around a bit, however I think this is something that helps a lot of games/ mangas and television shows live through more than one decade.
World of Warcraft and D3, and even First person shooters, as well as almost every MMORPG in existence.

The fact of the matter is we have a unique awesome system and we should try to find ways to compete with these games for fun factor and being able to be friendly to phone users so people can play this game instead of Plants vS zombies or angry birds.

Have Story line or Arcs.
Let people know what KOTL is about, a lot of people dont' really know the history nowadays with DEUS and the kalchi war, etc..  It would be fun and you can develop and interact with the players like the old days.

Make a notable char, that's a runemaster and make a backstory and when he's around, add some rare runes, something new and exciting.
(people will look forward to the runemaster Blithis arc)

There could be a mob or two in towns with "I" that give you hints toward some secret information like where to find a mob that drops a rare rune.. like 'the follower of Blitihis'

It could add a combat and quest mod (runemaster blitish teleports to you and hands you an 'x' runestone)

Maybe if you find him and defeat him something special happens, legendary stone, or new legendary rune or who knows.

You could do this for a lot of different venues..

(You can do it on races.. blood planes.. citiies... classes... religions.. subclasses.. the possibliites are endless)

You may need an imm to run a player event PR thing like this but it would be pretty cool to log in and see some fun stuff like this.
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