Author Topic: Quest vendor upgrades (long time coming)!  (Read 2262 times)


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Quest vendor upgrades (long time coming)!
« on: 02/08/15, 13:25 »
Quest vendors took a huge hit after the pwipe, same gear same prices half the benifits.

What if there was a quest vendor re=hall.  Make them more exciting and fun, slightly more powerful.  Not game breaking but why not let people run around in quest stuff and make them viable but not AS viable as customs?

It would be interesting to see XP bonus armor.. like we have runestones.  You see this in a lot of games, it would be interesting to see armor with a +5 xp per kill (only if they are within mod range)

You get five of those and that would help you out  quite a bit.

So we could add some things like this.

-Items that give bonus XP (visible amount that you could see)
-Items that give minor legendary personalities and bonuses.  (like you only get to level it 2 levels and get something cool and fun)
- Have them have some flaw so it isn't beneficial to use them over customs, like they give bad resistances or - stats in addition to the cool stuff.
-Items that give you quest turning in bonuses.  Like +2 quest tokens per turn in.  (you could spend your time making a questing set)
-Make RP armor that you can restring indefinitely for RP that you could wear around.
-Have exclusive items that do cool things too like a light at each vendor that does something unique including a battle message like 'nova' does?

Skys the limit you could keep adding an item every quarter (3 months)

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Re: Quest vendor upgrades (long time coming)!
« Reply #1 on: 02/08/15, 16:54 »
That would be pretty cool to have XP armor. It could also be an economy boost to rent it out like on another mud I played. Also there should be something that is different or just as good as custom armor because basically there is little strategy or picking and choosing. Everyone makes the same amount of quest armor and is able to put the exact same things on it. If there was more and different options people could be more strategic and their individual decisions would have impact.
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Re: Quest vendor upgrades (long time coming)!
« Reply #2 on: 02/27/15, 15:31 »
Interesting. Seems like it would be doable in the same way we check against runes and such. Of course, I'd want to limit how big of a % or how many pieces of gear you could apply it to (800 times bonus due to 22 wear slots), but that could be reasonable.
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