Author Topic: Arena changes please (Quality of life)  (Read 2158 times)


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Arena changes please (Quality of life)
« on: 04/29/15, 08:00 »
Quality of life changes for the arena.

1) Please institute blood penalty into the Arena. AND DISALLOW eating/drinking, so the blood penalty matters.

No arena match should run for 90 rounds and then end in a tie. If two players are stuck because they're throwing the best they've got at each other, then the arena should step in and be constantly lowering their resistances so that the fight can be concluded. Players outside the arena don't need to be spammed for 90 rounds either.

2) Please copy Lapis, close the castle, close the east gate, and replace the entire Arena with it.

Lapis is a big square that circles back on itself, with a side room on almost every tile (with closed doors you can't /scan into) This makes for a really fun fighting area and tactical spot to pick a room and try to rebuff yourself, or summon your familiar etc... In the current arena i'm not sure any player even knows where the hell they are half the time. You always see an arena fight with two players just talking on OG like "Hey i'm at the stupid frog or whatever, come find me, I'll hold still cause this is getting ridiculous" With an exact copy of Lapis (with the castle closed off and the east gate closed) you will never see this problem.

3) Please please please, restore each player as they enter the arena and remove all debuffs after the fight is over.

It takes a billion years to restore all of your movement to full without an actual restore from another player, and really does affect an arena fight (You run out of movement, you die) It's also a really big pain in the butt to have Legendary Mummyrot on you for like the next 3 weeks because you arena'd one time.

I'd be more than happy to help build the new arena if you want/need help.



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Re: Arena changes please (Quality of life)
« Reply #1 on: 04/29/15, 17:15 »
thumbs up.
The arena being revamped is a good idea,
Arena chat being toggle able would be nice for non arena players.   players being flagged 'arena' or violent/aggressive so changeform and other commands work as intended in a combat situation which the arena should be like would be awesome too.

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