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ideas ideas ideas
« on: 06/19/15, 01:44 »
random lockboxs
sapphire-onyx as well as crystalline

lockboxs drop off mobs or special mod non bloodsworn (maybe a reason why everyone wouldnt be it)

the key to open it is respective to the box like in example sapphire lockbox requires a key for like say 1k tokens

inside the box is a random assortment of possibilties loot table style

like you could spend 1k sapphire open the box the key poofs and get a crystalline token, 2 crystalline tokens, 5 crystalline tokens, a stack of alchemy regeants , a sapphire quest mox any of the quest gear for sapphires or a piece of coal.

the crystalline could drop anything and everything to include a legendary and the moxs and so on but that one requires one of every key from every quest vendor so 9k tokens

id open em , if you check the logs to see how much ive spent on dirty greb and his loaded dice you know this is true