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Library idea
« on: 07/06/15, 19:38 »
I shot this out briefly a couple times but here it is.

So I think its pretty well known that there is a few people on this mud you ask things from and some people who you ask and hope they don't feel frisky. Exploring the mud is a great way to find out secrets and tricks and making friends you can expand the knowledge pool and gain great insight.

My proposal is a library located off one of the towns , Calararian or tolin make good areas to branch the zone off from. Inside this area would be many bookshelves with books you could pull out and inside of these would contain information maps with visual indications of where they were. (combined with area full you would always know where to go) There could be equipment logs written by mages of gear and the stats it contains. WANT fire resist? get Book of Elemental Defense bookshelf. read elemental.

I wonder if the books could be made to not be put in bags the zone not able to be recalled or gated from and the books now allowed to leave the zone , if they were dropped the librarians would put them back in the bookshelf and they were not able to be sacced.

could even add a shady figure who appears randomly and sells journals and books for different prices of tokens (smal and large depending on secret) stuff like directions through bignars and gdi . how to become a dracolich. vampire sitings so on and so forth

once again i am down for putting work in , any thoughts?