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Hey I had an idea question

I was wondering if any of the staff have thought about hosting putting someone in the position of running events kinda like festival but not that extreme

Once a month or once every two months, something to perk the oldbees and newplayers to be on for.   The place has been growing a lot again.   New updates rock btw.

But we could have some aliens, or shadowspawn, or otherworldspawn, run into the world and cause some trouble, that force people to team up, roleplay, and take them down.   That could walk around towns, or in areas raising all sorts of problems.  And have to be delt with. 

You could organize how strong they are depending on whos on, etc.
You could work out all the little details

But things that could happen is..
Special Event only Runic items (not as good as customs, but better than runic)
New Runic gear (for newbies to help them level better or quest better etc)
Maybe a rare or some rare gear that grant an ability, (again event only)

You could have npcs that you can talk to in game to find out about the events, or an event guy that maybe goes on scouting trips into bp and has a warning or story etc..

There is alot that you could do, but if you played a somewhat active imm in that position (or a new one *wink* with a nice resume *inno*) into a place where they could

*control npcs and force rp with them
*control npcs and have kinda a mini war
*spawn npcs, start events, that encourage roleplay and grouping
*can maybe put out an eventbonus (not qbonuses or whatever)
*can put in mobs or areas that maybe lead to future events, or put mobs in areas currently to add spice for events.

It wouldnt take so much time from someone.  And they could do something that would "ABSOLUTELY" help people come to the game, stay in the game, and log in.  (which is our goal right?)

Now we have a lot to do ingame, even if you just let us do our things.
But we still have people who log in every day and idle quest while playing other muds, or watching tv reading books etc, or while at work.
(If you had a bimontly or monthly) event that people knew about.

You could get people to group together, mingle and work together to solve complicated tasks, puzzles, or just bash stuff,  And the imms could get some good hands on work with the players and have a great time making unique mobs /items whatever.

Right now you guys have what?  Thalia and chalgyr working on code?  And whoelse building areas?  Noone really, running stuff? nada?  :)
You have a decent staff all great people with good personalities.
This would keep people happy while you try to impliment bigger things
Like  new areas.. new items.. new skills, or fix current problems.

Just think it over! I have seen it done on other muds, and if they turn out right, they are a ton of fun, and people really look forward to them, have something to roleplay, and a reason to have to 'meet other characters in the field of combat to work together'  Other than just grinding xp (which by the way is more than enough fun)   (besides it would get kingdoms working together, or against each other too, and maybe force something to happen with them either good or bad)

That's it!
(Daklore if you comment badly on this just to say something mean I hope the heavens crash down on you and you .. something)

****Also if you do do this or consider it*****
Pain in a butt code, but Im sure its a good idea..

An 'achievement' or Acolades or feats of strength sheet.  That if you type out

Shows all the events youve participated in with the date (which people would earn for being on for them and you can utilize this later for other things as well)
Maybe make it.. "showfeats" and it displays them for people to see in room, etc.

Just some food for thought.   
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Re: Event Coordinator Imm, and Events (monthly ish)
« Reply #1 on: 11/09/10, 14:44 »
someone's been playing AdventureQuest I see.

Overall, I don't think it's a bad idea... but do we really have the playerbase for such large scale events? Assuming even only five percent of the people actually show interest when it happens... that's... what, maybe three people? I think the biggest limiting factor to this idea, is, really, a low playerbase.

Get us more players, Sye, then we'll talk. Because unless they make mobiles "scalable to level", the events are really only going to be really, for high level players. Because if the level is too low, we'll one shot them, if they're too high, only 200+ will really be able to participate.
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Re: Event Coordinator Imm, and Events (monthly ish)
« Reply #2 on: 11/09/10, 15:15 »
There have been a few days recently weve been getting up to 20 players, thats not too bad.  And if we post something about it, we can keep it around there possibly, atleast once a month or twice a month.

It doesnt have to be HUGE scale events, small events,
Then ways to put it in the char sheet that they attained that event achievement or something.
And little items they can get

YOu can do puzzles.. things that dont require level..
You can also have like an Otherworld assault led by an unkown Balrog or something.

Have the big boss balrog be for the upper players, and then have a captain for mid players, and some random 'leaders' or 'squad leaders' for level 50, with a buncha random level trash for everyone.
We do have a consider command if they aren't aggro

Just saying there are ways

I just wanted to ping some ideas around, since we are starting to slowly cimb back on the map again.   So we can keep it that way.
Sure not everyone may attend at first, but if you have like some cool stuff, or a chance at something cool like for instance.

Not the plushies, or eggs..  But you could have something collectable
Maybe a held item, that can do something if you wear it.
Something people wouldnt choose over a shield/sword or sword/sword combo.

Like maybe a hold item that, gives a little resist, and a grumble shout, for rp, it yells to the area as an item that grumbles loudly looking for someone to eat.

Just things that would be fun to have, but nothing gamebreaking, or even powerful.

Maybe a held item that can heal hps slight, (not move). 
You can do anything, just make it like a mini legendary, not one that levels, not one with anything powerful, just something for fun or for rp.

(and you could utilize items like this in any fassion if you really wanted)

There is just tons of stuff you can do if you apply your imaginition and time.. lol.. and possibly someone to do it. :)

Which I knwo would prolly be the only problem with this idea.

Just some ideas to think of in the future if we continue to grow or imms want to do something different.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new - Albert Einstein