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Re: Player vs Player
« Reply #15 on: 10/22/13, 19:22 »
I disagree on making the cons negligible for Pvp, probably some of the most enjoyable Pvp systems involve major loss.


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Re: Player vs Player
« Reply #16 on: 10/30/13, 11:41 »
Well, the problem is making the benefits enough to entice more people to do so. And of course, having people on to participate. :p  I'm 50/50 on that. I've played MUDs w/ a variety of consequences for PVP loss, and the ones with really serious cons had a tendency to turn me off I suppose, but I have played several that were fun as well.
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Re: Player vs Player
« Reply #17 on: 05/03/14, 13:34 »
The battleground could be amped up a bit.   As it stands there is no way to do group battles, 1 vs 2.  The betting system is only in diamonds?   Seems like gold would be more fitting over tokens so you would see more betting.

- enable a way to hunt each other without relying on abilities only
- offer items that let you make a clone of yourself and drop it as a mob to trick people or metal traps that stun someone for 1 tick, etc.
- often times people sit in a room with a trigger waiting for someone to come in so they can get their brand in, and then that person has a significant advantage.
- have an item that can be found or multiple that let you be immune for 1 minute, so you have time to go find someone and then do the first hit (rewards the person who tries over the person who tries to cheat)
- having brackets or seasons for an arena.. would be interesting.  I would like to see people be able to adjust their char level to their opponent temporarily for fairness, or have brackets.   it would also be nice to see arena season rewards nothing amazing but something fun/interesting.   Some chars really enjoy combat, and fighting, some people enjoy it.  It's an element in almost every online game.

player base may be too small for something like this.   Another option would be to give people characters that they could arena with, and it could all be balanced and they could only be in a certain area, not summon-able or gateable and everyone who logs in is in the area and can bash their brains out without hindering rp/character or whatever and be able to test their might/char/class combos etc.  - excellent way to test balance.

Spells/Skills/resistances are pretty jacked up.  Unless you have the ability to destroy someones resists, and do extreme damage, which you can on many char/class combos you really have to plan for it and it takes a lot of work.   It should definitely be more balanced.   

just a few thoughts on that.. pbase isn't really high enough for this to be a priority IMO thoguh, although it could enhance the mud greatly if it was updated or melded to the population wants.
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Re: Player vs Player
« Reply #18 on: 01/27/15, 11:46 »
I played a few places where there was no visible who list. You would not know a persons character name unless you learned it by meeting them and they told you. It would say 5 people logged on that's it. It was some hardcore RP and PVP. It was kind of cool like that. It was already 1992 but it was an experience. To be traveling around and not knowing when you'd come across someone in the land. Friendly? Dangerous? Is their driver pissed off that day, are they going to gank you and steal your gear? Cool. Mean sometimes but cool.
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