Author Topic: bit of 'humor' as I deal w/ the MUD issue...  (Read 2373 times)


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Here's a quick conversation I had w/ Sye on Builder Port:

You global <outgame>: 'so there is some sort of a serious disconnect between the port and the pfile list'

Sye <outgame>: 'So it is a problem accessing where they are saved'

Sye <outgame>: 'Interesting'

You global <outgame>: 'yeah.  looks like it.  tons of errors when I tried to do a save too in the logs'

Sye <outgame>: 'Did you try logging out and back in, see if you have to thus recreate?'

You global <outgame>: 'I tried, and yeah - didn't work, and I was logged in, typed save and lekov.plr didn't appear in the directory'

Sye <outgame>: 'Ah, okay, so I wonder if it was a server update that screwed us.. or.. just somethign else, I doubt it was anything you guys did'

You global <outgame>: 'also, I got disconnected, and can't log back in now.  what's funny?  I can't even make a new char now either.'

You global <outgame>: 'apparently...'

You global <outgame>: 'I don't have multiplay privelages.'

Sye <outgame>: 'It wont let you make a new char now?'

Sye <outgame>: 'ROFL'

You global <outgame>: 'somewhere, the MUD gods are pointing at me and laughing'

Sye <outgame>: 'Thats funny'

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