Author Topic: Is it Epic, or just coincidence?  (Read 2136 times)


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Is it Epic, or just coincidence?
« on: 11/13/11, 13:33 »
A new thread for people to post their awesomesauce in the game. Whether it be luck, outright hilarious, or just plain coincedence. Make your awesomesauce known!

Images/logs of abusing bugs should also be accompanied by a BUG logged to Thalia. Posting them for proof and reference... yeah sure, I suppose. Unless Thalia says no.

So I'll start us off. I was doing my usual idle thing, came back to see Sye spamming my screen with tells that gma was up. Okay, I figure he's dead by now, so I go... gma is still alive. I follow sye, aaaaand:
"Okay, who let Odin out of his cage?"
*A blue bouncy ball bounces by*
"That's it, I'm outta here."