Author Topic: Making questing more newbie friendly  (Read 2066 times)


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Making questing more newbie friendly
« on: 04/12/15, 10:59 »
What if you could request a quest via telepathy?

tell katha quest request
katha tells you, Please kill a blue song bird! You have 10 minutes to complete this quest. Better hurry!
tell katha quest complete
katha tells you, Ah, I could sense that you killed the wretched a blue song bird.
Katha delivers 50 quest tokens to you
You've earned 175 experience points!

What about quest tiers, too? So start tracking the total number of quests done. And as you hit certain milestones, the quest rewards are permanently higher.

Complete 100 quests = +10% quest tokens per quest completed
Complete 1000 quests = +the ability to quest request via telepathy +10% quest tokens per quest
Complete 5000 quests = The ability to teleport directly to the quest area your quest is in. +10% quest tokens per quest
Complete 10000 quests = Questing no longer has a cooldown. +10% quest tokens per quest.


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Re: Making questing more newbie friendly
« Reply #1 on: 04/12/15, 14:53 »
Thumbs up!
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