Author Topic: a way to track xp  (Read 2054 times)


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a way to track xp
« on: 04/12/15, 15:01 »
Once you hit top tier/ level.  Including max tier level.  You see a message that says something like "you cannot gain xp beyond level x"

When you have legendaries to level or seeing some numbers move around it would be nice to have a new field to toggle, a countdown much like the TNL but it counts down and when it hits 0 nothing happens.

So you could set it at 1mil exp, or 2mil exp or 10mil exp or even 100mil xp.
That way you can set a grinding session goal up  'like id like to grind 100k xp today' or 1mil etc

Maybe if you set it up fancy you could have it be a very limited selection but if you meet your goal it gives you a bonus or something or the entire mud a bonus, like if you set your goal for 10mil and you reach it, you get double xp for 10 mins?  Something akin to that.

Either way being able to have a measurable way to know how much xp you're farming each session at max level would be awesome  and more enjoyable

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