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World Vendor
« on: 02/07/15, 14:44 »
Having a vendor to give people an opportunity to buy the rarest if items would really help people log in, I know of 2-3 people who would play once they get an archmagi rune or whatever.

Maybe a world vendor has 2 rare runes for sell on a weekend (kind of like Xu for Destiny)
And you can buy them with tokens or blood points, or gold or whatever.

You could add a lot of different stuff in this feature and it would really trigger people to log in on the weekends to see whats for sale.

(you could even have a premade elite custom gear that is fully upgraded with a legendary and some special additional stats, and you could call it elite custom, which you could only equip x amount at a time ever.  1 weapon and 1 armor? or whatever)

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Re: World Vendor
« Reply #1 on: 02/07/15, 22:10 »
Sounds pretty good except for the fact that the people who can most likely afford it are the ones who need it the least.
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