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tinkering with equipment
« on: 02/07/15, 19:42 »
To help with the armor thing, it would be nice to see like a 'tinker' command and you could use scrap gear or items, or a drop from killing things to add '1 ac' to an item, and it gets a 0/10 or whatever so you can add 10 AC to each item in addition to whatever else you can do. 

This would be another fun customization tool.

You could also add other tinker options.

Tinker ac,
tinker hp,
Tinker attack,
tinker resistance,

Let it be completely customizable and you could tinker regular gear and runic or custom gear.

It could even be items that you buy from quest mobs to utilize.

Just a thought.  Resistances seem to be fine though.

More dynamic Moxes with '+ and - resistances' would be fun.
Like a Mystic imperfect Mox ' +20 slash resistance - 10 bas resistance

Have them add +20 of one and -10 of another, and be completely randomly generated like the gem system.

Maybe theres a rare chance of a Mystic powerful mox that does +20 and +10 (but with a very rare chance)

And a mystic mox that just gives +20 of one resistance.

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Re: tinkering with equipment
« Reply #1 on: 02/07/15, 22:03 »
I like this idea and it kind of reminds me of the profession idea mentioned elsewhere. It'd be cool to have a blacksmith profession.
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