Author Topic: Questing and the time it takes to understand how to play your character  (Read 1836 times)


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So doing some math to figure how long it would take someone to fully understand and enjoy their character I have some data for everyone:

Total token cost to have a fully custom, resisted and moxed out character is roughly 600,000+ tokens.
I'll do just a simple breakdown to show some of the math and how long it takes to get there via an average player.

26 custom slots no resists 10k / (balances out new and old system)- 260,000 tokens.
26 custom slots with resists 5k /                                                        - 130,000 tokens.
76 moxes for gear 3k /                                                                       - 228,000 tokens.
-HPS/MOVE/AC/DAMROLL/HITROLL/AFFECTS/SAVES and Attributes 1k / - 26,000 tokens. = 644,000 total

How long for the average person to quest playing a 40hr week? (thats a fair amount of hours)
10 mins / quest @ 50 tokens per quest, (6 times / hour)
This would be 300 / hour.
644,000 / 300 = 2147 hrs of questing for full setup. = 40 hrs per week = 53 weeks.
roughly 13.5 months of questing.

(this does not factor in double tokens, pulsing rune, bright rune, declined quests, quest travel time / turn in time, or missed quests, afking out etc)

So lets say.. with how challenging it could be to play certain classes to level up while questing, may take this longer.   You get to full customs or enough customs to get to 220+ or so and you realize.. holy crap.. you went ghost and ghosts are horrible.. you went werepanther and realized just how bad they are, or you you had a meh race but went one of the not so good subclasses.  (all scouts/ most rogues and priests / some fighters / some mages)

What do you do after spending this much time sitting at 50 and questing?  You probably just quit.

What if.. some changes would help both of these things, other than looking at balance of each class and race a little more closely (buffing some sucky ones, toning down some super good ones) to make them about even, and play style is really the only thing that changes mostly with what you pick.

 - If you complete a quest, you get an xp bonus for 10 mins
 - If you xp 3000 xp or so, you get a quest bonus for 10 mins
 - if you quest x amount in x hours you get a chain bonus of some sort, or at least a chance at a quest turn in mod that can give you a random 100 tokens or something (something to discourage people from resigning quests, this would help them understand areas and their character more as well)
 - if you grind enough xp in one session you start to get better mods, that increase xp / kill somehwhat, like grinding chains.

If you're grouped, you get a bonus to quests and xp,  Group ranges increased a good deal.
This would promote shared knowledge and best practices to newer players more frequently than it happens now and encourage more gatherings for possible more RP or at least more fun.

((or something a kin to something like this,  this would help force players to better understand their characters while giving an optimal experience))

Just a few thoughts to help the pbase and a player understand their character better.

Look at other games, WOW, MMO's you can figure out within a week or two if a characters play style benefits you or if you do not like it.. KOTL... not so much.


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