Author Topic: I dont even know if this is doable.... and i'm sure i'll be yelled at...  (Read 2523 times)


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Sooooo...... This is a suggestion i've had for a long time - but theres no real tactfull way of approaching this. I'm basically wondering if there is a way to limit the amount of tokens someone gets from another... I've seen people who dont have near enough hours for the customs they carry... i can see being gifted some tokens or maybe questing together for tokens - but to have someone hand you 50k in tokens over the course of a few weeks is stacking the odds. I've reaped the rewards of someone re-creating just like others... but i thought this was one of the things that was balanced out when the pwipe took place (runic equipment not being able to be used under its base) - so instead of having a bunch of "somewhat" overpowered equipment on people i've seen alot more people at low levels FULL of customs and most of the tokens were gifted... just an idea - and please dont hang me  >:D


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We've talked about limits, having a built in 'tax' that automatically takes away tokens on trade, etc.  Just overall it has not been a popular notion so we've never really persued it.
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there there Azzan . Just accept that people on this games will have friends who wouldn't mind donating everything they got to another friend. As long as it's not the same person trying to cheat the system them just be happy with the fact that you didn't get ahead with someone's help in that matter.
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