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Re: A few thoughts
« Reply #15 on: 10/30/13, 11:39 »
The think tank has already leveraged a lot of the suggestions behind the scenes, such as damage and resistance calcs - but beyond that trying to address other concerns that were voiced (such as it's 'too hard' to quest and get customs). Essentially when I proposed this idea, I was curious to see what the overall thought would be - try to think a bit outside of the box, because I somewhat doubt a remort system would take. Maybe I'm wrong, but we don't have very many people at max level as it is, and in my experience remort usually doesn't accomplish much on most MUDs beyond a single use. Not saying it couldn't work, I just question whether or not it would really make a really big impact when we only have a few players at max level currently.

But generally speaking, the relatively low number of responses on the topic is unfortunately reflective of my primary concern - lack of activity/interest. There's a handful of people who seem interested in most topics, but not many, unfortunately like the number of players.

Again, I'm open to more ideas - but not all of them will 'fit', and several of the topics were more like: here's a problem a few of us think there is - we don't really have a solution without completely rewriting the something-or-other, so... there it is. :P

I do agree that PVP could be a concern - but frankly there's not enough players to make it an overwhelming concern at this point. We'd have to have more than 2 or 3 people on to participate in it, so I'm more interested in the ideas that would give people a reason to want to play their character (or characters) in any setting at this point. Does that make sense or no?
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Re: A few thoughts
« Reply #16 on: 01/27/15, 11:41 »
King Necrothreadmancer over here. Here are my addled tired thoughts on the matter and what I can contribute coming from an experience of multiplay on lots of muds. Muds that RP, mud that are pure PVP etc.

Here is what my experience is on muds with multiplay and how it works. (btw I'm blind now in front of the gemscale mob so I'm waiting and that's why I'm here)

1. You can't kill or fight your own alt.
2. You can group with your alt.
3. You can cast beneficial skills on your own ult.
4. You can exchange un-owned equipment and currency of any kind between alts.
5. 2 alt online maximum.
6. You can not be involved in PVP with bot your alts in a time period. Example: You go ta big bad uber toon. You're on a low level toon. You get in a fight with someone and lose. You can't use your alt either already online, or log your big toon and retaliate. This can be code enforced with something like a safety/violent timer.
7. You can not give any benefits to an ult in kingdom or religion but I don't think the code allows that anyway and I was thinking more of the clans of other muds. Example is you have a clean leader character and promote and buff up your tiny alt yay you. Nope.

So basically this is what has worked on whatever mud allowed that had multiplay. Now I know a lot of the old timers don't like it because hey, they're top of the pyramid and even if the pyramid is fuckgin small cuz they'res no player base.. they like that still.. it only looks like people online? Well good if 4 people are multiplaying 2 each and it looks like 8.. and some guy from mudstats or TMC comes on and sees 8 people and goes.. fuck yeah I'm going to play.. then so be it, am I right?
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