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Ideas & Brainstorming / Re: Ability to change class
« Last post by sye on 02/07/15, 15:13 »
I like the idea of being able to multi class playing one class at a time.
It's really painful to just keep making new chars and gear up again.

When you could just drop down and spend the time and energy but use the same gear, it would be fun and challenging.  -not to mention legendaries

I also like the idea of being able to go back a tier.

- There should also be a grouping mechanism where you can 'debuff your level and level based to hit/ damage etc' to group with others - this would really help people want to play with newer players.
Right now you have to have a new char and level them up many people like just having 1-2 all powerful characters so the new players get left out of the 'grouping' exp and dynamic we have come to love and enjoy.

I'd like to be able to unaugment personally there is now ay to 'test out' what you want, so you have to try it and be like dang.. eat the bullet once it's not as good as it sounded or you wanted it to be.

- Currently top geared and leveled players can just continue to grind to level up legendaries with an annoying "you can't recieve any more exp' message everytime you kill something.  (wish xp would stack and you could use it for something like, buying runes, or getting a (1) or (2) or whatever by your name, or even.. be able to downgrade in tier etc.

And besides that just farm legendary mobs, both of those options isn't really fun enough to calculate a 40hr game play week on the mud.

++++ some people have taken the time to master a class just to find out that it's not that good or what you wanted, that's a lot of time and energy wasted and something to address this would greatly increase the likelihood of people coming back and to continue playing.
Ideas & Brainstorming / Re: Soft Registration
« Last post by sye on 02/07/15, 15:01 »
I think going one step better and having a group text option or skype or facebook group that notifies you of updates.  "double exp" "festivals"  Polls to vote on etc.

Or imm/player run events whatever you wanted.
I like the mass equip idea, or even a snapshot sure they all remove off you, then have them 'get all death bag' equip stat again.  and you're back to where you were type of deal.
Ideas & Brainstorming / idea to help support the mud and help players
« Last post by sye on 02/07/15, 14:56 »
Maybe you could offer a one time option like supscription, you pay 15$ for the entire year
for one character to get some special perks.

- You get a double xp and double token you can 'activate' once a day for the entire year.
- You get a log off message tailored to suit your characters RP or whatever. (would be in yellow signifiying that you donated to help the mud with a year tag)
  (example  "You should always xp and quest at the same time!" - Sye (2015)
I think the date tag would be nice either way, but you could 'filter' them to make sure it wasn't something inappropriate.

- You get a certificate to meet the imms in a 15 min talking session (to ask questions and learn more about them, shoot the crap whatever, RP etc.

- You can get a custom ITITLE (within reason) but then you could have ititle CUSTOM and it displays the custom ITITLE.   -> could be assigned only once a subscription.

- You can get custom entrance/exit messages.

- You can get your loot tables expanded to receive ELITE loot.  (however you deem necessary, tokens, elite equitable quest/custom gear.
(one thing that would be awesome to see is a piece of gear or gear upgrade that when you kill mobs you have a chance for tokens to 'rain down' on you and you get like 10-50 of each token time every time it proced.

- You could gain access to a legendary room that has a unique legendary only accessible by those that are subscribers and it has a slightly higher loot table offered.

- You could get a legendary stone/item reroll, or a legendary stone.

- You could get a perm buff of your choice (+200 hps/ +100 damrol/ + 100 hit roll) which would show in your condition screen.

- You could become a vampire, or unvampire maybe even offer a race change, or class change.

These are just some of the things that would be awesome.

Lets be honest if you even had one or two of these, there's a good chance 5-10 people would pay 15$ and guess what, that is half the utility bill to maintain the mud.

People could play the mud anyways it's just a subscribers edition, to help support the mud and gain cool things.

- Would be applicable to one character.

Obviously people who build enough or code enough could get the subscription for free and donate if they want to.

- Imms who don't partake in helping the staff with things of the mud should be penalized too.  They hold very high ranks that should be helping maintain the mud, and it seems like (from the outside) a lot of them log in very sporadically if at all and that hurts moral a bit.   These are people who are supposed to be leading by example after all.

Ideas & Brainstorming / World Vendor
« Last post by sye on 02/07/15, 14:44 »
Having a vendor to give people an opportunity to buy the rarest if items would really help people log in, I know of 2-3 people who would play once they get an archmagi rune or whatever.

Maybe a world vendor has 2 rare runes for sell on a weekend (kind of like Xu for Destiny)
And you can buy them with tokens or blood points, or gold or whatever.

You could add a lot of different stuff in this feature and it would really trigger people to log in on the weekends to see whats for sale.

(you could even have a premade elite custom gear that is fully upgraded with a legendary and some special additional stats, and you could call it elite custom, which you could only equip x amount at a time ever.  1 weapon and 1 armor? or whatever)

Ideas & Brainstorming / Making questing and xping more exciting
« Last post by sye on 02/07/15, 14:41 »
I think we have a really great system for xp and questing but maybe we can re look how to keep people around and intertained.

Some ideas that could help change it to be more interesting.
- Make a power quest, every hour you get a power quest like a blood quest that you can do for 10x the reward  both gold and token, and a chance at getting a rune/mox/gem/etc.

- Make a chance when you turn in a quest to turn on double token for everyone for 10 mins. (one quest)

- Make more LOOT, grade tables colors, make it exciting. 
  Maybe take out the not needed runes, and add in some different runes that have a one time use, like you gain a buff of +20 all resistances until you die or hps or mana or str, damroll whatever you wanted.

Make some kind of token or item that if you gain enough of them, you can turn them in for something,  either crystalline, or buffs, or even a legendary stone chance (like 25% chance when you try to get it)

This would continue to drive people to keep trying and playing for some more fun stuff.

We have some opportunities to make loot a lot more exciting and rewarding for all levels and tiers and experienced players.

Ideas & Brainstorming / grouping and XP idea
« Last post by sye on 02/07/15, 14:33 »
Grouping and Xping should be more dynamic to help sustain the interest of 2-5 players on at a time.

What if there was a way to 'down your level' for one log in session?
Like if you have a 275 and there are three level 60's on.
You could 'down your level' and group with them.

Give you an opportunity to get runes and mods etc, and help them out.  You would have all your gear and legendaries, however your damcap and armorcap would dumb down to that level too and you wouldn't be able to go around and hit level 200 things.

This would greatly encourage more groups to spend time together and keep people interested in logging in.

So, one thing that I believe took a large chunk of activity away is the leaderbased kingdom/religion systems.

People promote their friends and favorites and this causes a mix of bad blood.   Athorien took a rather large hit and the pbase significantly decreased.   The 2-3 people I had encouraged to start playing or come back all went away into thin air as a result.

This has happened in the past and is not one isolated incident.
It would be nice to see
either A ) More strict policies for people to hold ranks  IE (logging in at least 10 hrs a week or more etc)
or B ) try to make an accommodating system where everyone has an opportunity to reach top rank and noone 'owns' it.

In fact i'd go as far as to say that the religion system should be looked at differently.
Keep faith points, but you can 'augment' your way up to spells you want, having X amount of spells you can get.  And you gain faithpoints by instead of casting spells, you turn in corpses or item drops to an alter in a religion temple.

You could do the same for kingdoms.  Make 'resolute' figureheads that spawn and people can fight (like really tough boses) you can't kill them but you can defeat them, for a chance at a chest that contains faithpoints and maybe other stuff. 
(if you fight one area long enough you lose faction but the only thing it actually affects is that the arro is aggro to you)

The faction system has really hindered or destroyed grouping opportunities and that doesn't help with smaller PBASE  (look for ways to reward people who have awesome faction, and ways to make things slightly more challenging for people without good faction, however you can get to a point where there is no recovery even paying 100,000s of tokens and gold and that isn't fun.

Ideas & Brainstorming / Re: Being Blind and Why it's Ridiculous
« Last post by Jadyss on 02/05/15, 16:56 »
It is definitely feasible for this code base and yeah it adds a bit more of the realism. =)
Ideas & Brainstorming / Re: Ability to change class
« Last post by Jadyss on 02/05/15, 16:55 »
I think that if you're untiering in the same base tier the cost shoudlnt' be that high just because it's not really a huge change ya know? And you get the benefit of doing stuff over as a fun thing for people to do.
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