Author Topic: Release Notes for March 15, 2008  (Read 3386 times)


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Release Notes for March 15, 2008
« on: 03/15/08, 15:34 »

Resist fields on Mobs
+ Mobs & players will now use the same resist mechanics
  - Any spell -- like brands or opens -- will impact mobs the same way
    they impact players.
  - Although there is no way for players to currently get them, the code
    will now detect vuln/imm/res to magic or to weapon flags on them and
    modify resistance level during attacks based on that flag [same as
    what has been happening with mobs]
   - When a specific mob is generated, their resists are calculated based
     on the mob's level and IMM/VULN/RES flags set by builders on the basic
     definition of the mob. This means that a mob's immunity or
     vulnerability will vary somewhat from specific mob to specific mob.
     Lower level mobs currently flagged as immune will continue to have
     very high resistance to damage but will be less likely to be immune.
+ CHANNELING: Added bonus for GMing the skill; Changed distribution of
  damage amounts so lows are less likely to happen (skewed bell curve with
  a higher than average max)
+ Sparring with Charmies should no longer cause KILLER flag
+ Chained attacks
  - For attacks in 3rd, 4th & 5th position, increased max damage
  - Finishing Blow: Changed to add waiting period to victim in addition to
    daze; if victim is a mob, cleared the "who am I angry at" field
+ Mob Attacks:
  - Mob's above level 200 got additional attacks
  - Affects for Slow, Binding, & Lethargy on a mob will now decrease their
    chance for doing additional attacks
+ Spoils of War: Fixed problem that was awarding experience to the victim
  instead of taking it away
Mob Behavior
+ If they aren't wielding a weapon, mobs will now try to wield weapons in
  their inventory
+ Bankers: Won't exchange with someone in changeform
Object related
+ Added Keyrings. Command to use them is KEYRING.  A small keyring
  (5 keys) can be purchased from Katha.  A medium keyring (20 keys)
  can be purchased from Gavin.
+ Added SMELLs, but nothing in Main is currently is set-up with smells.
+ LOOK <person>: Hornguards should show up in the head area (instead of hand)
+ MAKELEGENDARY: Changed to disallow use of items that can't be worn
+ Skeletons: Sadly, can no longer grow beards or hair
+ Dragons: Fixed a problem with dragon stats when they make a level
  while in morph form
+ Humans: For tiers 2-4, can practice their skills to same level as tier 1
+ Sirens: SONG should be working again
+ Trolls, Magma Mephits, Gargoyles, Athach, & Mountain Dwarves: Initial
  levels in SOME resistances have been improved.  I'll be manually fixing any
  players currently in those races.

+ IDENTIFY: updated to show shield flags; The flags may be partially
  duplicated by affects listed later
+ TOXICATE, BLEEDER & TORMENT: decrease moves recovery
+ TOXICATE: increase reduction of moves & mana when it triggers
+ IMMOLATE: Should now start a fight with a sleeping mob
+ BRANDISH <staff> <text>: should now work [e.g., BRANDISH WEATHER BETTER]
+ CREATE FLOWER: Change to determine flower based on victim
+ CONCEALMENT: Changed so pills aren't as good as cast spells
+ LOCATE <object>: When GMed, will no longer show the room number
+ GATE, TRANSPORT, FOREST TRANSPORTATION: When the caster is moving into
  a safe room, will no longer move aggressive pets or charmies within the
  casters group
Message fixes:
+ Spells: Call lightning, sleep
+ Changed handling of "initcaps" so that the first non-"color code"
  character gets capitatlized
+ REREGISTER: Allows married couples to reregister their marriage (and
  refresh their last names -- including adopting new color coding)
+ FACTION: reformated to better highlight faction levels. The scale has
  not been modified. Each position away from the center line represents a
  bigger amount of "like" or "dislike".
+ BANISH: Resets a character's ititle (if appropriate)
+ LEGENDARY ENRAGE: Fixed reported bugs
+ HEAL, BUFF & APPEARANCE: change to Command group "Other"
+ RELFOLLOW & CITIZEN: should be usable while seated
+ RECON: is now usable on mobs
Tourney Boards
+ When a character deletes, they will be removed from all boards
+ When a player is banished, disavows or is recruited away from thier
  kingdom, they will be removed from their old kingdom's boards
+ When a player logs in, their current title & score will be refreshed
+ If a player hasn't logged in in 90 days, their entries on the boards
  will be deleted. [timer starts now]

+ Added SING skill with bardsongs. Similar to a priest's CHANT skill.  As
  they advance in levels, they can SING the following songs:
  - Vigor: Increases Strength & Damroll for your group
  - Gifting: Increase chance of extra quest tokens for your group.  The
    longer you sing the song, the higher the chance and possible bonus
  - Serendipity: Increases Luck for your group
  - Confusion: For listeners not in your group, blocks fleeing
  - Dissonance: For attackable listeners, penalizes resistance to charm
    and sound AND then does a CHARM & SOUND attack.
  - Lethargy: For listeners not in your group, decreases chance of multiple
    combat attacks
+ Non-bards can SING OFFTUNE to try to remove the effects of bard's singing.