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Legendary Personality Idea
« on: 09/12/11, 23:28 »
title explains it all.     *points up*
Legendary name, chatter, personality, abilities, etc. :)

Wonder what we could brainstorm?  (not that it will get added but maybe, we'll hit some good ideas)
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Re: Legendary Personality Idea
« Reply #1 on: 09/13/11, 15:42 »
legend pirate personality:
Level 0 (base) - swashbuckling
Level 2        - cutlass fury
Level 4        - swashbuckling
Level 6        - skull shield
Level 8        - wrath of the sea
Level 10       - pirate call

Detailed data:
Swashbuckling - Increase agi/dex by 3 (by 3 more at level 4)

Cutlass fury - chance of an additional -two hits- in combat (similarly to rogue unexpected strike)

skull shield - Once activated, will absorb so much damage and then fade (like mirage, maybe?) but with a (SMALL, SMALL) skillblock to prevent it from being spammed.

wrath of the sea - inputtable attack skill. Does water, wind, lightning damage. Give it some delay lag to keep it from being spam walled

pirate call - summon three (3) [character level - 40] -charmies-(not pets), each with preset classes of Ravager, Dragonslayer, and Thug. Ravager class preset damtype will be water, Dragonslayer acid, Thug will do disease [this will prevent brand abuse, Thug being the only damtype that will align with a class brand] These will wander off (like orcs).

say: You spend too much time on land. You wouldn't last a minute on the open seas, gyahahaha! Ah, how I miss the smell of the salty air.
say: Maybe you've heard of me before? I was the most dreaded pirate to Armengarian waters, the dreaded pirate Le-OOH! Shiny! Squeee!
say: They all said I couldn't be a pirate, that a woman would never survive. I wonder how he survived after the castration? Hmmm...
yell: Alright land lubbers! Time to hand over your jewellry, gold, silver, tokens, crystallines, runes and daughters! S'all mine, now!
say: You'd think I'd be all for a gruff and muscle-bound sailor, but let me tell you. There's nothing like a busty tavern wench. We women know bes-Oh! I shouldn't be telling you this, tehe.
tell: Don't forsake those who care for you... I had a love once, but I let him go. It's a hollow feeling watching your only love move on without you. Such is the life of a pirate, though.

legend ninja personality:
Level 0 (base) - kunai throw
Level 2        - ninja might
Level 4        - wind's cloak
Level 6        - twisted eye
Level 8        - dragon's breath
Level 10       - substitution

Detailed data:
kunai throw - a simple one hit attack. Does pierce damage. Small percent chance of doing an extra two hits

ninja might - increase int, wisdom, strength, agility, luck, and charisma by 2

Wind's cloak - increase your ability to evade hits slightly, give a bonus to resist wind

twisted eye - decreases your opponents ability to hit and evade (if possible to code)

dragon's breath - Acts similiar to the "word of god" spell, uses a random element breath weapon spell/attack. Perhaps give it a percent chance of firing two breaths.

Substitution - while in your affects list it can save you from dieing by sending you to a random, adjacant room (and stopping combat or whatever). This will come with a skill block that lasts at LEAST two ticks longer than the actual affect to prevent it from being re-used immediatly. Once you die, the affect (not skill block) is removed from your affects list, so it can only save you once. As an aside, the chance that the affect DOES save you won't be guaranteed, either. -=This will also only work if you're also wearing the corresponding legendary as well!=-


yell: Nothing will beat us, not you, not you, and not you! BELIEVE IT!
say: A shuriken in the back, a kunai across the throat, and a snap of their neck. And they never even heard me comming.
say: Whatever they say, don't listen to them. WOMEN ARE GOD DAMNED CRAZY! ARGH!
yell: And now for my Most Secret and Sacred Technique: One Thousand Years of WHADDYA MEAN I SHOVE MY FINGERS THERE?!
say: Orange can be stealthy... BELIEVE IT!
tell: I'm not quite sure how it happened, I don't even remember how I got here... but I had to have died, didn't I? The world has changed... do they even remember my name?
tell: Tell me your name, warrior, so that when you die it will be remembered.
yell: I sense a pirate.... COME AND GET ME YOU PIRATE BASTARD! I'll beat you down; you, your whole crew, and that freak! DATTEBAYO!

[Notes: Pirate and Ninja will conflict with one another]


legend fallen angel personality
Level 0 (base) - angelic attunement
Level 2        - berserker's grace
Level 4        - circling
Level 6        - wolf's howl
Level 8        - solar burst
Level 10       - angel's heal

Detailed Data:
angelic attunement: Suggestion a) Increase the power of priest/scout heal spells
                    Suggestion b) Decrease the cost/lag of priest/scout heal spells
                    This legendary ability will only affect priests or scouts using these                         spells, so it won't modify augment spells.

berserker's grace: Taking a Warrior's stance, they have a chance to launch an extra attack with their weapon

circling: With the grace of an assassin, circle your opponent in combat to deal an extra hit.

Wolf's howl: Borrowing the Beastlord's might, strike at your foes reserves. Lowers movement points, maybe deal "damage" to mana pools, deal damage to health.

Solar burst: Call upon the Evoker's might and rain fire upon your foes. Small scale nova spell to hit the room (with only two, three hits max)

angel's heal: Channel the might of the priest to turn 1000 spirit mana into 1000 health with a 3-4 second lag.

say: Even the mighty can fall... do not let yourself be consumed with greed for power you can not control. I am as damned as you are blessed.
yell: I HEAR THE CALL, AND THUSLY THEY SPAKE IN EXA'S CUTE VOICE: 'This is so uncool. I'm not supposed to get drunk...'
yell: I HEAR THE CALL, AND THUSLY THEY GAVE KODA A TITLE OF: 'Rynten is so assertive it's dead sexy!'
tell: Can you feel the darkness? It's so much stronger here. One day it could consume you, consume me... consume everything. Prepare yourself well and fall not into the shadow.
say: Brain-eating, flesh-eating, a zombie is a zombie. I say kill it like the rest.

[Notes: fallen angel's yells are actually quotes from ye olden logs of actual players. The legendary skills are meant to be "copies" of a skill from each class, except angelic attunement.... which I know will probably not go in as listed... but it should >P]
[Notes+2: This legendary conflicts with: shepard, evilgiant, evilundead, undead, demon, mimic]

legend greater dragon personality
Level 0 (base) - dragon scales
Level 2        - draconic vigour
Level 4        - breath storm
Level 6        - prismatic light
Level 8        - drakeling
Level 10       - dragon's blast

Detailed data:
Dragon scales: Improve armour class

Draconic vigour: increase to hit, to dam, and strength

Breath storm: Attack the room with a random elemental type (corresponding to a colour of dragon)

prismatic light: When activated in decreases your damage output by 25%, in exchange you take about 10% less damage.

drakeling: Summon a Drake Pet [Character level +15] that can use a breath weapon. Random class, static charm damage.

Dragon's blast: Blast of two to three breath weapon spells. [random damage and all]

yell: DAMMIT THAXN! Keep your fingers to yourself! And I've got my eyes on you, Tsythor. Bloody shields. Bloody elves. Go stuff another helm in your shield, n*** it!
say: So what if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed? You don't have DAMNED KENDER blasting into your ear that they want to goto Klevnone! n*** KLEVNONE!
say: Elves... Orcs.... Both are tasty fried with ketchup.
yell: Where are you Draoilin! I need to test my container's mettle against you!
say: Giants need to be destroyed. Them and their bastard Athach cousins too. I suppose we could step on them, they're barely bigger than ants to a Dragon.
say: Kavu... now THERE was a Dragon. Got in his way, he killed it. Talked against the race, he killed it. Now if only he had killed that Gnome instead of bowing to it...
say: I was killed once, you know? They say it only takes once to happen, but to a Gnome? A GNOME?! It was a humiliating loss! My flames should have incinerated him, but he pulled some trickery and now I am here.... serving a pitiful weakling as yourself. Pah!

[Notes: Implied Daklore killed it, yes >P Thaxn and Tsythor reference because they have Kenders]
[Notes+2: Conflicts with: Kender, Evilgiant, Simplegiant, Orc]

legend heroic bard personality
Level 0 (base) - aria
Level 2        - dirge
Level 4        - epic
Level 6        - aria
Level 8        - resonance
Level 10       - hyperresonance

Detailed data:
Aria - Grants a spell affect that boosts max health by 300(550 at level 6)

Dirge - Attempt to dispel -positive- buffs from your target, similiar to the benignant filter. To balance it, it could only remove -one- buff at a time with a sizable lag.

Epic - Inspire the room with a poetic epic. Room-wide buff to hit, dam, str (3-5), and rescharm.

Resonance - Attack a foe with a powerful pulse of sound.

Hyperresonance - Unleash a hell-fire of sound, damaging all enemies and yourself in the process. Deal room-wide sound attack, and hit yourself with otherworld damage.

say: Evil, meet my fist! FIST! MEET! EVIL!
say: Have you met Fric? He's a terrible bard. I mean all he does is attack his allies and ignore his sister!
yell: Ladies, the magnificent bard of heroic legends is here! Come and gather around so I can regale you with romantic poetry!
say: Women are good for one thing and one thing only. Stabbing you. Make that two things, actually.
tell: I was once the most reknowned poet in the world, you know? I was in demand from the north to the south, east to the west. Then the war came... such horrors inflicted during the Dragon-Kalchi wars... such that no one even noticed me die. Such is life, is it not?
say: Perverts are the bane of all society. Some called me a pervert, but I'll have them know I was a womanizer. Huge difference! For one, I actually scored with the ladies on a regular basis!

[Notes: Conflicts with: Evilgiant, Evilundead, Undead, Siren, Demon, Greater Dragon(if made),Amazon(ess?)[see later], Infernal[see later]]

legend golem personality
Level 0 (base) - adamant wall
Level 2        - terra well
Level 4        - chaining
Level 6        - molten iron cannon
Level 8        - golem wall
Level 10       - mithril defence

Detailed data:
Adamant Wall: Buffs resslash/pierce/bash slightly

Terra Well: Two ideas: A) Increase movement and mana regeneration rates
                       b) Inputtable restore movement ability that consumes colorless

Chaining: Deals a little bit of damage and can reduce agi/dex (no stacking) -- similiar to chainraiser

Molten iron cannon: Fire a glob of molen iron at your target. Would probably deal fire damage, maybe a smaller hit of bash as well?

Golem Wall: Buffs reswind/rescold/researth slightly

Mithril defence: Two ideas: A) Reduce the damage/impact of spells (reduce damage taken,                                   reduce debuff stat loss)
                            B) Act like the skill "spellcraft" but with much lower odds of                                occuring.
                            Both ideas would be passive abilities

say: SMASH!
say: BASH!

[Notes: Yes, I know, capslock... meant to be >P]
[Notes+2: Conflicts with: Banshee, Evilgiant, Kender, Mimic, Warrior]

legend amazon(ess?) personality
Level 0 (base) - wilderness survival
Level 2        - panther's fangs
Level 4        - tripwire
Level 6        - swamp water
Level 8        - hunter's moon
Level 10       - valkyrie's revenge

Detailed Data:
Wilderness survival: Increased health regeneration when outside of "urban/city" rooms. Being in a forest/jungle type room would increase this moreso.

Panther's fangs: Passive ability. Random percent chance of a "panther" entering the room during combat to do any of the following: Damage to health, damage to movement, inflict blindness and slow, or attempt to de-armour(remove a worn item from) the opponent.

Tripwire: Passive ability. During combat you try and trip your opponent. If successful this can remove them from their stance (small percentage, player vs player only, cause... mobs don't stance) and give them an affect that increase the lag on their casting spells -slightly-

Swamp water: Inputtable command that attempts to afflict the target with poison, plague, slow and/or blindness

Hunter's moon: Passive ability. Increase your damage output during the night.

Valkyrie's revenge: Passive ability. Upon your death while wearing this item, you'll leave your foe with a parting shot, hitting them with a fairly painful hit of (otherworld) damage. Enough to the point where it could kill someone if it were a close battle, for instance.

say: I was the third most beautiful in my tribe, but I was the most skilled at the hunt. Those two, they only cared for their looks. Beauty is nothing without skill.
tell: I know what you're thinking. I would rather have killed myself than spend a night with you.
tell: The prey is smart, but a successful hunter is smarter still. Tell me, are you smarter than those who would be hunting you?
say: Men, women. These things mean little. A man can kill a woman, but a woman can kill an entire tribe of men. Men are so easy to hunt and kill.
say: Is your spear sharp enough? You can't expect to kill with a blunted toy, now can you?
tell: Displease me, and I'll kill you in your sleep.

[Notes: Conflicts with: Siren, Banshee, Shepard, Monk, Bard, Knight, Infernal]

legend infernal personality
Level 0 (base) - cannibalism
Level 2        - putrefaction
Level 4        - decay
Level 6        - shrivel
Level 8        - soulspear
Level 10       - vengeance

Detailed Data:
Cannibalism: Passive Ability. Heal some health/mana whenever you kill something.

Putrefaction: Affect; reduce maximum HP by 1000, get resslash/pierce by -20, resdark by -15, resholy +15

Decay: Deal a hit of disease damage with a chance to inflict poison, darkbomb, chill touch or plague.

Shrivel: Cause your target to lose one melee attack. (or, reduce their chances of dealing extra attacks overall)

Soulspear: Single hit attack, do dark damage.

Vengeance: Upon your death, chance of dealing moderate damage to -everyone- in the room. Similiar to a deathprog casting a spell(see: Pyrion in Incinerated)

say: Death comes to all. By using me, you only assure yours grows closer.
say: You may use some of my power for now, but I serve only the one true darkness. When He calls, I shall abandon you.
tell: Why do they deserve to live? Kill them. Spread their blood across the floor and drink it as wonderous nourishment.
say: Flesh is so tasty... especially when it is still warmed by life. Their screaming is like a gravy.
say: Whisper Goodbye to this ugly world, and adorn everything with crimson red wings.

[Notes: Conflicts with: Amazon(ess?), Knight, Monk, Shepard, Siren, Bard]

legend hermit personality
Level 0 (base) - babble
Level 2        - refuge
Level 4        - critical eye
Level 6        - babble
Level 8        - monkey antics
Level 10       - fluffy

Detailed Data:
Babble: Deal a hit of mental damage (two hits at level 6)

Refuge: Improve AC, resbash and reswater

Critical eye: Increase tohit

Monkey antics: Act like a monkey to dodge hits. May even occassionally give a counter attack

Fluffy: "Heeeereeeee Fluffy! C'mere boy!" Summon the Shade of Arthenon, Draiolin, or the Grand Master Assassin [character level +35, pet]. Shade of Arthenon can cast splash, Draiolin breath weapons, and GMA ... just does what it always does.

say: How did you get here? This island is mine! ... Wait, where's my island?
yell: Tehehe! I saw them. They were all naked and there was bouncing! Then they beat me up. But the squishies were worth it.
say: You are you calling a pervert? So what if I enjoy a good peep or two? Or a grab. I'm not hurting anything!
tell: So... hungry... Got anything to eat? I'll eat anything. I haven't had a good meal all my life. I'm still alive, right?
say: Nothing makes sense. First there was an island, then there was here. Where are my arms?! You n***ing ate my arms, didn't you?!

[Notes: Yeah, this one probably isn't legendary material... but who knows, right?]
[Notes+2: Conflicts with Kender]

legend kalchi king personality
Level 0 (base) - brilliance
Level 2        - elfin intelligence
Level 4        - scorch
Level 6        - elfin intelligence
Level 8        - enlightenment
Level 10       - brilliant flare

Detailed Data:
Brilliance: Passive ability. You regenerate mana faster.

Elfin intelligence: Boost intelligence by 7. Boost wisdom by 5 at level 6

Scorch: Deal fire damage to a single target

Enlightenment: Improve your resmental, rescharm, resenergy slightly

Brilliant flare: A downgraded version of a mental flare. Room attack.

say: Weaklings such as yourself don't deserve my power. If I was not sealed to this item, I would crush you.
yell: The true Rulers of Olerax will rise again! The next time, you weaklings will be pressed into extinction!
say: I watched the Dragon-Kalchi wars unfold, I fought in them, and decimated hoardes of barbarian brutes. It was a hundred years later when they killed me. With a pebble.
tell: The longer you restrain me, the more horrible your death will be when I break free, whelp!
say: Yes, I'll have the broiled human with a side of Grig liver and some potatoes. Thank you.

[Notes: Conflicts with: Greater Dragon, Orc, Banshee, Siren, Knight]

These have already been submitted to the immies, so.... not much point to me actually posting them here >P But I figure it might give people an idea or two. Who knows.
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Re: Legendary Personality Idea
« Reply #2 on: 09/17/11, 18:50 »
If you repost ideas you've post someplace else, please note that at the beginning  not the end.


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Re: Legendary Personality Idea
« Reply #3 on: 09/18/11, 14:22 »
But it was easier to do so at the end! ... But at least those are the only ones I've ever had >P But will do.
"Okay, who let Odin out of his cage?"
*A blue bouncy ball bounces by*
"That's it, I'm outta here."


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Re: Legendary Personality Idea
« Reply #4 on: 09/23/11, 16:58 »
Interesting I like, got some ideas too, but ill hit them up later! :)
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