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« on: 03/07/13, 12:34 »
I think a page dedicated to what each questmaster sells and the stats on them would be a good thing to have. Not only for some of us that have been here for a while...but also to help anyone new who is playing KoTL for the first time. The wiki site has its issues so a site or a webpage would be good to have. Also I pag that lists all the gemscale eq and what benefits they have would be a bug help as well...that's just my 2 cents.



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Re: questmasters
« Reply #1 on: 03/07/13, 14:02 »
We did have a page for this on the wiki... which Tsythor is responsible for the technical side... and... its his fault it's still down. I don't know what's up, sorry.

But I know there is/was a page for quest rewards on the wiki.
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