Author Topic: Were-kitties: Signature characteristic so "cool", you don't want to use it ...  (Read 2345 times)


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Yeah.. we have this cool were race that has the ability to transofrm and it's so sucky you need to find a special runestone to prevent you from transforming.

So cool, you don't want to use it.... Pftt!

What if ...

... we took away the HP bonus on transformation but let them keep equipment?  (like dragons do when they morph)

... or we increased the HP bonus based on tier/level? 
    ... &/or we added an AC bonus based on tier/level?

... or let them let them keep their weapons equipped (so they get the damtype based on equipped weapons)?

... other thoughts?


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I don't know much about this race, so I'll keep my response simple.

The only way i'd ever want to be a race that drops all of my equipment upon transformation is if the following things happened:

Resists stay maxed (or at least what they were at prior to transformation)
Damage type stays the same (If you can't brand, you will be at a huge disadvantage)
HP/AC bonus is high enough to warrant the equipment loss

Personally i've always liked the idea of a "beast mode" race - Similar to what Vampires do at night. But everyone and their mother is a vampire. I'd like to see a race that is like "Hey. Just don't muck with that guy if there's a full moon out. No. Seriously.... Don't."

Something to look forward to instead of shy away from.


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I think that having them retain their equipment AND weapons and maybe even not getting a hp buff, but getting access to different/better commands along with the full restore at full moon light would be optimal for this race.

Maybe the Moon runestone increases damage (by a %) while you' are in wereform instead of removing your ability to morph or at the very least allows you to morph without the moon being present?  Heh that would be cool.. like a higher generation were race.

The twice a month is pretty rare for were's to have to endure, but to have it be a complete n*** that it would make you want to never have to do it, just seems like a waste of a cool race, and requiring a runestone to avoid changing just seems like a slap in the face, now you get 1 less runeslot too.

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