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Locations/Times for Roleplaying
« on: 03/25/11, 08:38 »

I'm a rather new face to the game, and have some questions regarding roleplaying, specifically, the when and where.  I've been spending my time adventuring around in my 'home' location (which I find now not to be exactly what I thought, but I'll get to that later) of Mesilena and its environs, and have rarely seen other players around.

I realize this probably has to do with my relatively low level.  However, if I were to want to become involved in something other than H&S play, where would I travel?

I'm still formulating a viable background story for my character; I'm not really satisfied with my original idea, having now read through some of the literature available on the Wiki site.

My Little Bio:
I'm not new to MUD-based RP; I started playing online text-games in 1992 on Northern Lights LPMud (and I will daringly share that I was a junior-rank in college at the time).  From there I jumped into other games, settling later on ROM as my code of choice.  In the years to follow, I played administrator, designer, builder, what-have-you for my own fledgling game (which I closed in 2005, due to a massive roleplaying data resource loss) which has a comfortable-sized player base to draw from.  I turned to low-key graphical games (Puzzle Pirates, for one), and have just gotten tired of them.

Text drew me back.

I've enjoyed what I've seen so far; some of the gameplay reminds me of where we were going with my old game ('we', being my spouse and I).   I'm looking forward to getting involved in plots to what extent I can;  my daytimes (EST) are limited to when the kids are napping, so mid-evening seems to be my peak time.

I look forward to playing,



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Re: Locations/Times for Roleplaying
« Reply #1 on: 03/26/11, 09:03 »
Good morning, and welcome aboard, Alaric. :)

Obviously timing is an issue - for example as I post this there's only 2 or 3 players on.  I have found in the past that a lot of players tend to congregate at quest masters too, when there are several on (Rhioon in Mesilena, Brolin in Klevnone, etc).  Also, don't be afraid to approach a few people oocly and see if they'd be game to meet up or chat someplace.  KotL is a fairly large mud 'physically' - over 10,000 rooms and that can unfortunately mean people are spread out a bit.  Looking forward to seeing you and your spouse around!

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Re: Locations/Times for Roleplaying
« Reply #2 on: 03/28/11, 10:17 »
And don't be offended when you meet Daklore and he insults you, threatens to eat your children, and gropes every woman within reach. That's what he does. People seem to be offended by me playing the bad guy.... wonder why? Also, the most common congregation point usually seems to be Katha (Tolin questmistress) so, yeah.
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Re: Locations/Times for Roleplaying
« Reply #3 on: 03/28/11, 12:20 »
There's 'playing the bad guy' and 'being downright obnoxious under the guise of RP'.  I'll trust you're the former, not the latter.