Author Topic: Favorite Class Tier  (Read 6484 times)


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Re: Favorite Class Tier
« Reply #15 on: 03/11/12, 21:00 »
fighter!  GLADIATOR!  ftw, prewipe was Gladiator, post wipe was Gladiator.  And currently I am the only Gladiator in the game, besides Chalgyr, and I love it! *flex*   Phenomenal awesome cosmic powers
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Re: Favorite Class Tier
« Reply #16 on: 05/17/12, 23:45 »
Man, this is kinda late i guess. but hey. I'm going to post to this anyways!

prewipe i was fighter and scout and post wipe Ive had almost 1 of each i think, lol.
i think my favorite most versatile class is probably a priest.
but i love fighters as a guilty pleasure, they kill really fast. done and done.
but the damage mitigation and healing of the priests is epic.
if i could mix them into one i would. but i chose to have both instead!!