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Release notes for 2009 - Jan
« on: 04/18/09, 13:47 »

+ Manapools at Login:  When you logon, manapools will be refreshed at the same rate as
  hit points & moves.
+ Shopkeepers: ALL shopkeepers should now sell to invisibles people.  But, they will
  no longer sell to someone marked as thief or killer.
+ Runestones: *bane runestones for retired races will no longer randomly generate.
+ OUTFIT & New Players: Packs are no longer automatically held.
  - You can no longer use REPLY when in quiet mode. 
  - If someone ignores you while you are replying to them, your replies will be blocked.
+ TAG: You can no longer use TAG if you've set NOTAG.
+ VANISH:  Logic corrected so that only experienced ghosts, Brezu & Tannari can use
  VANISH to move someplace else.  Shadows runestones and legendary stealth will still
  trigger invisibility, but can not be used to teleport.
+ RelSpell SLANDER:  Modified to take GMing into account;  Note: At non-GM levels,
  "TRUTH HURTS" may do more damage than SLANDER but SLANDER also impacts Charisma.
+ MUG command: Added messaging when mugger gets gold or silver from his/her victim.
  You DO NOT get money on every successful mugging.
+ DEARMOR: Corrected so it can now remove a 3rd bracer on an Athach.
+ Manashield & Earthbarrier:  Corrected logic that was supposed to deduct mana when
  the skill was checked.  Also altered the HELP files to better match what the code
  is actually doing.  Note:  Higher skill levels will decrease the rate of mana loss.
Arena v0.91 (still considered experimental & incomplete)
+ Arena COMBAT:  Will no longer check level differences;  If you agreed to the
  challenge, you are fair game.
+ ACHALLENGE: You can no longer issue a challenge to a mob.
+ ABET:  You can only bet on one of the combatants (instead of any player/mob in the game)
+ ABET clarification
  - Arena betting splits the total amount of money bet between the players who bet on the
    winning player.  The House DOES NOT contribute anything additional to the betting pool.
  - If you are the only person who bet, the most you can win is your original bet. 
  - If no one bet on the winning player, the House keeps the money bet.


+ Legendary Serenity (LEGENDSERENITY)
  - Description updated to better reflect the skill's intent -- "chance to stop combat
    in a room".  The skill was not intended to completely halt any/all combat in a room.
  - Logic now bypasses IMMs and mobs marked as healers, banker, shopkeepers or similar
  - Serenity affect will only be added to people who are in combat; people not in combat
    should be bypassed & not be impacted.
  - Saving throw changed from a check of "Immune to Magic" (which only mobs can have) to
    a Saving throw vs. Charm resistance.  This means more mobs can be affected by the
    skill, but also gives players a  chance to NOT be affected.
  - Updated some existing "it didn't work because..." messages to come from the siren
  - Comments:
    + Each person & mob in combat is checked individually;
    + If either opponent in a combat situation is ** not ** affected by serenity,
      their combat will continue;
    + Once a person has been calmed, the skill can not be used on them again
      until the calm/serenity affect expires.  This is consistent with how
      the calm spell works.     
+ Legendary Enrage (LEGENDENRAGE)
  - Changed amount of armor and resist impact to be variable amount (from 1 to current max)
  - Changed HP loss for skill use to be a direct hit to HP instead of a Dam_other attack;
    The HP loss is related to the actual armor & resist impact on the victim, but the
    player won't be able to use the skill if their current HP is insufficient to sustain
    a maximum HP hit.
  - Added wait time
+ UNMAKELEGENDARY:  New command that will remove a legendary personality from an object. 
  Comment -- Instead of unmaking an object, if you have another legendarystone, you can
  use MAKELEGENDARY again to install a new personaility.