Author Topic: idea about kingdoms (and rp on actie/innactive kingdoms)  (Read 2278 times)


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This is from another player on the MUD earlier. They were unfortnately worried about posting it publicly as their own, so I figured I would put it out there.

I don't know how hard it would be to code, but this could be a unique idea   that would add some fun here
What if you added a 'kingdom condition (kingdom)' global command
And what if each kingdom could have three conditions,  "poor" "good" "amazing"
So you could do.. kingdom condition mesilena and it would show 'mesilena is in poor condition'
Now linked to the condition things could be affected..
(a kingdom in amazing condition) would offer 10% extra tokens, 10% extra rpxp, and maybe even have slightly more 'busy' to it, like more npcs.. and stuff
happening, even different npcs could spawn, 'vendors' etc.
if a kingdom is in poor condition, it could have 'moth balls' or 'sick citizens' in the streets, 'npcs that say things when you walk in like I remember
when this city was full of life, now it's a skeleton of it's former self'
What could you use to measure the 'health' of a city?
Well a few things,  Questiong, could rack up a bar, like faction.  Coffer amounts could be a small part.  YOu could have it be reflected on one thing or
many things.. maybe when someone logs into the city, it adds to the condition factor.
How would this help with fun, and here?
Well lets take a look at Armengar,  if a leader or a whole kingdom just stops showing up, wouldn't it be nice to have visible conditions that could be roleplayed out?   And add some 'uniqueness' to a system we already have.

Not only that, visibility of an active king/queen.  If everyone notices a kingdom that is got a bunch of sick/dying NPCS with empty streets, it shows more visibility on a players leadership / activeness.
A very common saying I have started to use in a lot of stuff, 'no data no action'.  LIttle things like that that would help you guys with data, 'becuase

maybe you could have a command like 'kingdom conditions' and it could show how active logins are forkingdoms, how much questing is being done, etc.
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Hi Sye! ... Nope, that wasn't Sye, spelling is too well done.

Anyway, I'm neither for or against this, it does sound like an interesting idea though. I think the difficult part would be balancing out the wellness metre, as it were. Some kingdoms would have no problem keeping it up, while others would just have a hard time. And they wouldn't be able to fix it because people either don't like that kingdom for whatever reason, or dislike the leader.

Kind of reminds me of Icons on Achaea, although that's a PvP event. Essentially, Houses(Guilds, effectively) can raise an Icon on the plane of Nishnatoba(which is conveniently free pk) and must maintain an upkeep through the use of iconic shards--which can be gained by killing critters. The icon decays at about 1% an hour, and it takes 10 pounds of shards to repair 1%(I think, my house doesn't have an icon any longer). Shards on average weigh about 2-3 pounds, and are fairly infrequent drops.

Most houses don't bother with icons simply because it's both tedious, and stupid easy for an entrenched force to kill the icon if they want too.... the latter has no bearing on our situation on KotL, but the former does. It would probably become an excercise of tedium, aka, "I have to do this, this, and this, today, in order to maintain my kingdom's wellness bar."
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I have to go with Daklore's player in this respect, that while it would be a good idea it will only work if there is a large thriving player-base.  Is it a good idea ayup is it practical at the moment no.


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I think its kind of a neat idea but one issue that comes to mind is it would promote active kingdoms becoming more active and inactive kingdoms becoming less active... which they already were. Would be better if there were a way to move activity into inactive kingdoms no?


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I feel I must concurr with Dak and Elios ::slams a stamp of "MEH" over the idea:: It all goes back to the one huge and pertinent issue, which is  attracting and retaining new players.  As I have said before, this game does have what it takes to have a thriving, healthy playerbase and community, just a matter of advertising and advertising often.The idea is good in theory but bad in least for now, anyway.


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thought about having it vary how much power relspells had and kingdom benefits granted.  Maybe how much money merchants had and how rich the token awards were....

It's based off of accumulated wealth and RP earned by the players in the kingdom.  Decays slowly overtime.