Author Topic: Unaugmenting/ legendary stone resetting  (Read 1170 times)


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Unaugmenting/ legendary stone resetting
« on: 02/23/14, 10:45 »
Not a huge priority on the to-do list.

but two things that are pretty hard to work at getting being able to be redone even at a cost would still be better than trashing or wasting the item/ or augment spot.

Being able to Unaugment a skill/spell via some kind of cost (could grow each time you do it by 1k tokens or something)

Being able to Re stone a legendary.  (legendaries do not drop very often and when they do, and being a duplicate of one you already have could be very disheartening and it would be very nice if you could unmake it into a random stone and reapply it again) - this could also be at a cost like 5,000 tokens.  (even at that price it's worth it)  Even if it was 10k tokens it would be..   

Maybe someone really wants one particular one to help develop their char and roleplay they could have the option to try to get it, or slowly start moving legendaries off lights onto gear.  (obviously they would lose their levels etc) but it would give someone something to try for.
You could also put a legendary on something that isn't a custom and take it off and put it on custom later on.

I know in my career alone I have destroyed at least 8 legendaries that were duplicates.

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